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Powerglove - Total Pwnage

By: Troy Cole
Published: Saturday, April 1, 2006

Powerglove - Total Pwnage

There are several bands out there you may have heard doing video game music or covers if you will. None of these bands take it to the extreme and put as much effort into it as POWERGLOVE. Most of what you have heard is either straight up replica songs or slightly changed versions because of the use of actual instruments instead of computers and keyboards. This is not the case on 'Total Pwnage'.

When Tetris kicks off for the first 11 seconds its straight up original music from the game. Now POWERGLOVE strut their stuff as crushing guitar melodies and pummeling drums drive right in on top of the original music, while all the time maintaining the consistency of the original song. Seriously whoever thought the day would come when the Tetris theme song would have double bass drums pounding coarsely throughout to make you headbang.

'Mute City' from F-Zero really captures the essence of the original song and the emotion from playing the game. Final Fantasy VII's theme 'Birth Of A God' and 'Dr. Wily's Theme' are other extremely great songs here. While either I can't remember the themes or never played the game that relates to the rest of the songs I can tell you they still rock hard, even the 'Power Rangers' theme is cool. Maybe Nintendo should consider these versions instead or use them on upcoming sequels for these games. Hell maybe Nintendo should hire these guys to do the theme songs for all their games. How about headbanging to some Super Mario's!!

I will also give the band great props for packaging and overall concept. The CD comes in a PS2 style case with some great artwork which must have been influenced partly by games and partly by GWAR. The damn thing is even rated "M" for Metal. Make sure to stop by the website as its entertaining on its own and the band has even provided an online game for you to play while you rock out. Don't pass on hearing this but keep in mind its only a novelty and while it may impress your friends I don't think it will be competing for playing time alongside the other releases coming out. The last comment I would like to make is that I would really like for the band to include some original stuff because the creativity and talent here would certainly produce a quality metal CD, even if it was instrumental.

SOUND: 5.0

Scoring Scale 1-5

Band Site: Powerglove

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