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Codeon - On My Side

By: Eric Compton
Published: Friday, April 21, 2006
Finland's Condeon is the second band I've heard on the rather new Dies Irae label. My previous listen from the label was the watered down Steep. However I must say that this second listen to the Dies Irae bands is a much better experience. Condeon are like a strong willed, flashy band in the same style as Night In Gales, Nightrage, and the early works of At The Gates. With twin guitar fury combined with the softest of melodic infusion, as well as the ability to lay down some blazing lead work, Codeon are well on their way to a great recording career. "On My Side" is the band's first real recording, a self-financed EP that is actually being reissued by this label. Here's the story...

The band originally started in 2002, and after several lineup changes, eventually recorded a demo in 2003. The band received positive feedback on the recording which prompted the group to write new material and play some live shows. During 2004 and 2005 the band searched for a record contract while also recording the EP "On My Side". In 2005 Codeon signed to Dies Irae and the label decided to reissue the EP while the band recorded their first full length, due for release sometime in 2006.

"On My Side" is a furious, rather dazzling display of musical precision and accuracy. Of course this type of sound has been done over and over, perfected by the likes of Dark Tranquillity and In Flames long ago. Still yet Codeon stay true to this sound, showcasing their ability on five energetic tracks that serve as a great introduction to what could be the next big thing...if they focused some of their amazing talent and energy into catchy songs. It will come, but it may take the band a record or two to hone in on their talent. In the meantime we have "On My Side", a melodic thrash assault that just beams with metallic purpose.

The EP opens with "Fatal Soul Collision 2004", a tight offering that is played with factory precision. With a thrash backbone and a real melodic tone throughout, the band build into a high soaring lead that punctuates the band's high speed, twin guitar attack. Singer Vesa Mattila reminds me of Samael's Vorpholak in many ways, sort of picking up that raspy, black metal wail in much the same fashion as Vorph. This same sort of twin guitar precision can be found on the tracks "Cold Trigger" and "The Dying Race", both of which speed race through thrashings and motions that just blend together that Gothenburg, Sweden sound with the bay area sounds of the '80s. My favorite cut here is "Decay Life", a plodding, absorbing song that has a neo-classical guitar shred through a majority of the track. Guitarists Sami Raatikainen and Asko Sartanen should both be on the cover of Guitar World with their performances here.

Bottom Line - If the band can align themselves with the right people they very well could be the next big thing.

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