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A First Look at Morbid's upcoming 'Kingdom Disdained' album

There is no question that Morbid Angel, one of the true Godfathers of extreme death metal, has influenced countless bands for nearly 35 years. Consistently dropping the most sinister and brutal albums throughout their legacy (well, except for that one album which shall not be named), Morbid Angel have always worn their metal hearts on their sleeves and garnered a cult following for over 3 decades. After an extremely lackluster album in 2011 and the split with David Vincent (bass/vocals), one wonders if they still have what it takes to remain at the top of the Death Metal genre. Their 9th studio album, 'Kingdom Disdained' is an absolute true return to form and with Steve Tucker (bass/vocals) back in the band, they are more brutal and focused than ever before!

In advance of the album's release on December 1st, 2017, Maximum Metal takes a track-by-track peek of 'Kingdom Disdained':

Lead off track, "Piles Of Little Arms", has that same sinister opening riff as found on "Heaving Earth" from 1998's 'Formulas Fatal To The Flesh'. Right from the start, it is apparent that Morbid Angel aren't holding anything back. The bass-heavy production intensifies the moment as they rip and shred through this quick album opener.
"D.E.A.D." is a prelude to what's to come with some seriously heavy blast beats, chunky guitar riffs and some downright sinister vocals from Steve Tucker. There is no solo from Trey on this track which seems a bit odd but the extreme heaviness of the song makes you forget all about the missing solo in this one.
"Garden of Disdain" starts with a blinding riff and superb blast beat work from new drummer, Scott Fuller. It soon slows down to a gritty, chugging riff like "Where The Slime Live" from 1995's 'Domination' album.
"The Righteous Voice" starts out with a riff reminiscent of material off of 2000's 'Gateways to Annihilation' with some wicked harmonics courtesy of Trey. The song then dives in to a blitzkrieg of blistering death metal, punctuated by Tucker's guttural war cries. Trey delivers an inspired solo in this one and this track is one of my favorites.
"Architects And Iconoclast" is one of the standout tracks on the album as Steve Tucker properly showcases his sickening guttural vocals. The main riff is ultra heavy and when the blast beats kick in, all hell breaks loose in this brutal track. The last minute and a half of this song is one of the standout moments of the whole album.
"Paradigms Warped" focuses on groove and substance throughout with a really monstrous riff running from start to finish. Tucker shows off his bass work at the midway point of this track and this song will have you banging your head throughout.
"The Pillars Crumbling" is another standout track as it features a nice groove riff that provides for maximum headbanging. The middle section of this song is another standout moment as it contains that signature Trey Azagthoth down-tempo riff, followed by an amazing guitar solo.
"For No Master" is an all-out onslaught of heavy that channels classic Morbid Angel in every note. Tucker's vocals are extremely wicked and he provides his best vocal performance of the album on this one. The guitar solo is a slow build that ends up turning in to fiery flourish at the end.
"Declaring New Law" is one of the slower tracks on the album, but none less heavy than the rest of the songs. Eric Rutan's production makes the low-end standout throughout the whole track, making it sound like a soundtrack to the apocalypse. Steve Tucker once again shines on this with his powerful guttural vocals.
"From The Hand Of Kings" is a bit of straight forward bruiser whose sole aim is to bludgeon you down into a fine powder. This track showcases the band working in perfect synchronicity with each other and is just a killer track in terms of music alone.
"The Fall Of Idols" is the perfect album closer. Starting with a speedy riff and blast beats, the pace continues when the vocals kick in making this one of the most devastating songs on the album. There are no slow or quite moments here, just complete annihilation from start to finish. Close to the end, Trey gives us another stellar, spacey solo that only he can conjure up from the depths of hell.

1. Piles Of Little Arms
2. D.E.A.D.
3. Garden Of Disdain
4. The Righteous Voice
5. Architects And Iconoclast
6. Paradigms Warped
7. The Pillars Crumbling
8. For No Master
9. Declaring New Law
10. From The Hand Of Kings
11. The Fall Of Idols

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