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A First Look at Threat Signal's upcoming 'Disconnect' album

Canadian metalcore band Threat Signal are set to release their much anticipated 4th album, 'Disconnect', on November 10th courtesy of Agonia Records. Founder and vocalist John Howard commented on 'Disconnect'--"You will feel the energy from all of our previous albums plus something new". The record was produced by Howard and lead guitarist Travis Montgomery. Mixing and mastering was done by Mark Lewis (DevilDriver, Whitechapel, Battlecross) with artwork created by Ludovic Cordelieres of Rusalkadesign (Kamelot).

In advance of the album's release this Friday, Maximum Metal takes a track by track peek of 'Disconnect':

"Elimination Process" kicks off with a slower intro using harmonized vocals. Chugging rhythm kicks in at 0:35 and never lets up. Howard's vocals are growling, building into melodic chorus pieces amongst mechanized groove riffs. The last-minute shows off some furious leadwork to close it out.
The second song, "Nostalgia", has a bass heavy thrash attack to open. At the 0:50 mark the band places brilliant vocal melodies in to enhance the listening experience. 2:43 is a lead fretfest of Montgomery and Kavanagh. The whispered vocals close the soothing last minute.
"Walking Alone" follows with subdued staccato riffs with a power ballad feel. The percussion is fairly spacious here with the lack of heavy, distorted grooves. It's slower, emotional and shows off a softer approach.
The band chose fourth song, "Exit the Matrix", as leadoff single. Understandably so, it's an aggressive metalcore staple with plenty of faster riffing building into the progressive styled chorus bit. Drums, bass and rhythm guitars seemingly increase speed during the second verse. The track slows at 2:26 with some ascending lead guitar work.
"Falling Apart" is the second shortest cut on 'Disconnect'. The modern guitar sound is prevalent, backed by a heavier bass up front. A lot going on within the song with faster and slower portions, mixed vocal styles and tons of polished leads trading off between the two guitarists.
"Aura" starts with a groove metal riff with some background keyboards then quickly turns into an all-out thrash assault. The melodic chorus part with the clean vocals makes this a standout track. After a brief acoustic section, they blast back in to a metalcore/djent riff that hits hard.
"Betrayal" is an acoustical ballad piece featuring great vocals and excellent guitar work. At around the halfway point of the song, the bass work is flawless and almost acts as more of a lead in the background than the acoustic riff does.
"To Thine Own Self Be True" has a brief intro that is reminiscent of a power pop riff but that soon diminishes into a full on metalcore onslaught. The chorus contains clean vocal and scream tradeoffs that work really well. After the chorus part, a groovy djent section follows and continues the brutality until the end.
"Dimensions" is one of the heaviest and most versatile tracks on the album as it opens with a progressive metal riff and then dissolves into a metalcore powerhouse of a song. The dueling guitar harmonies starting at 2:32 are awesome but don't last long as it blast right into one of the heaviest riffs on the album. The guitar solo at 4:32 is one that Jeff Loomis would be extremely proud of.
"Terminal Madness" is the longest track on the album at over 10 minutes long and starts with a Meshuggah-like riff and is soon joined by some gritty vocals before slowing down a bit for the melodic chorus part. There is a short acoustic part in the middle of the song but it flows right into another awesome guitar solo. "Terminal Madness" eventually fades into a piano/keyboard piece that keeps up with melodic tone of the earlier parts of the song.
1. Elimination Process
2. Nostalgia
3. Walking Alone
4. Exit the Matrix
5. Falling Apart
6. Aura
7. Betrayal
8. To Thine Own Self Be True
9. Dimensions
10. Terminal Madness

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