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Made in Sweden

It's only fitting that our first issue of the new Maximum Metal column "Made in Sweden" focuses on the tome that provoked it -"Swedish Death Metal" by Daniel Ekeroth. If Douglas Adams offered "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" then Ekeroth surely offers "The Passenger's Guide to Hell".

What is Swedish Death Metal? What is the fascination? What in the bloody Hell happened to the kids in Stockholm? Ekeroth offers an abundance of rich, scholarly texts deciphering one of metal's most energetic and awe-inspiring moments in time. It's aptly titled "Swedish Death Metal" for a reason. Ekeroth gives it all to us--glorious, gut-wrenching, defining as it is--in one extremely heavy volume of tunes and tombs. --Eric Compton, Maximum Metal

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. Bathory. LA Guns
. Lost Horizon. Nightwish
. Opeth. Vehemence
. Immolation. Disturbed
. Neck. Gun Barrel
. Solace. Ring of Fire
. Godflesh. Fozzy
. Crematorium. Angel Dust
. SelfInflicted. Godiva
. Dragonforce. Morbid Angel
. King Diamond. Nordheim
. Vhaldemar. Hypocrisy
. Secret Sphere. Royal Anguish
. Silver Mountain. Exodus
. Jaw. Wolf
. Skyfire. Jorn
. Therion. Mob Rules
. Fireaxe. Chapter VIII
. Joey Belladonna. Vox Tempus
. Shadows Fall. Occult
. Medusa. Theocracy
. Marshall Law. Trans-Siberian Orchestra
. Seventh One. The 7 Method
. Twisted Sister. Triumph
. Bloody Sign. Ligeia
. Veni Domine. Dirt
. Korpiklaani. Soulscar
. Chuck Schuldiner. Antares
. Marduk. Axel Rudi Pell
. Kryoburn. Neil Turbin
. Gizmachi. Fastkill
. Manntis. Agents Of Man
. Subterranean Masquerade. Sentenced
. Dark Funeral. Unshine
. Wetwork. Havochate
. Edenbridge. Scar Symmetry
. Overloaded. The Firstborn
. Twilight. Savage Circus
. Paths Of Possession. Akercocke
. Vile. Dogs Of Winter
. Absu. Decapitated
. Brother Hawk. Mental Care Foundation
. Intronaut. Lair Of The Minotaur
. Nightmare. Dissection
. Moonspell. Vore
. Manngard. Pyramaze
. Imagika. Cavalar
. Non-Human Level. Black Crucifixion
. Scary Manilow. Skid Row
. Mouth of the Architect. Death Breath
. Belphegor. Isis
. Satyricon. Lesbian Bed Death
. Melechesh. Fu Manchu
. Diagnose: Lebensgefahr. Crescent Shield
. Nagelfar. Almah
. Divine Empire. Hacride
. Antigama. Retrospective
. Trenchfoot. Lipstick Magazine
. JR Ewing. Himsa
. Keep of Kalessin. Distorted
. Ride The Sky. Father Befouled
. The Lamp of Thoth. End of Man
. Papa Roach. Winterfylleth
. DC4