Made in Sweden

It's only fitting that our first issue of the new Maximum Metal column "Made in Sweden" focuses on the tome that provoked it -"Swedish Death Metal" by Daniel Ekeroth. If Douglas Adams offered "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" then Ekeroth surely offers "The Passenger's Guide to Hell".

What is Swedish Death Metal? What is the fascination? What in the bloody Hell happened to the kids in Stockholm? Ekeroth offers an abundance of rich, scholarly texts deciphering one of metal's most energetic and awe-inspiring moments in time. It's aptly titled "Swedish Death Metal" for a reason. Ekeroth gives it all to us--glorious, gut-wrenching, defining as it is--in one extremely heavy volume of tunes and tombs. --Eric Compton, Maximum Metal

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. Cave In. Demons and Wizards
. In Flames. Poisonblack
. Neck. December
. Warhorse. Steel Attack
. Rawhead Rexx. Lamb of God
. Crematorium. Abigor
. Powergod. Power of Omens
. Dr. Butcher. Valley's Eve
. H.I.M.. Evanesce
. Axenstar. Eidolon
. Windseeker. Primal Fear
. Fairyland. TNA
. Riot. Kingcrow
. Amityville Whore. Metalium
. Estuary. Scorpions
. Bonfire. Skeletonwitch
. Katagory V. Six Feet Under
. The Lizards. Kinetic
. Crowbar. Helgrind
. Kings X. Crionics
. Kamelot. Loudblast
. Labyrinth. Hibria
. Soulscar. Crimson Moonlight
. Argument Soul. Bleed The Sky
. Debris Inc.. System Of A Down
. Gizmachi. Biss
. Agents Of Man. Dark Funeral
. Evemaster. Holy Blood
. The Atomic Bitchwax. Black Majesty
. Orphaned Land. ASG
. Bolt Thrower. Sun O)))
. Crystal Ball. Bronx Casket Company
. Vanquished. End of Level Boss
. Early Man. From This Day
. Enforsaken. End My Sorrow
. Clawfinger. Leviathan/Sapthuran
. Viron. The Smashup
. Warrant (Amer). Bal-Sagoth
. Imagika. Down Factor
. Dreams of Damnation. Stormcrow
. Apiary. Michael Orlando
. Suzukiton. Bloodbound
. Scary Manilow. Mouth of the Architect
. Abominant. Setherial
. Enochian Crescent. Oblomov
. Mastodon. Twinball
. Lordi. Deicide
. Skullflower. Melechesh
. Stonegard. Threat Signal
. Static-X. The Chronicles of Israfel
. Zyklon. Dezperadoz
. Cruachan. Almah
. Satariel. Trouble
. The Prophecy. Spit Like This
. Malevolent Creation. Ulcerate
. Hellveto. Heresi
. Mass Extinction. Orthodox
. Jesus Martyr. Trivium
. Witchfinder General. Kreator
. Godhead. Alestorm
. Papa Roach. Winterfylleth
. Eighteen Wheels Burning. Suffocation