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Vampire Songs in Metal

By: Eric Compton
Published: Friday, October 26, 2018
Vampire Songs in Metal

To celebrate the Halloween season, we've compiled some of the best metal tracks inspired by vampire mythology. Sink your teeth in.

"Suspended at Dusk" --Type O Negative
Bloody Kisses (1993)

"Vampiria" --Moonspell
Wolfheart (1995)

"Night of the Vampire" --Entombed
Entombed (1997)

"Nosferatu (The Vampires Waltz)" --Saxon
Thunderbolt (2017)

"Return of the Vampire" --Mercyful Fate
In the Shadows (1993)

"Dracula" --Iced Earth
Horror Show (2001)

"Nosferatu" --Bloodbound
Nosferatu (2006)

"Blood Religion" --Gamma Ray
Majestic (2005)

"Baptized in Blood" --Helstar
Nosferatu (1989)

"Night of the Vampire" --Grim Reaper
Rock You to Hell (1987)

"Queen of the Dead" --Dracula The Swing
Dracula: The Swing (2015)

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. Cave In. HammerFall
. Into Eternity. Vehemence
. Grave. Vicious Mary
. Carpathian Forest. Tiamat
. Dokken. Grave Digger
. Helloween. Rawhead Rexx
. Mortician. Ravage
. Crematorium. Masterplan
. Firewind. Abigor
. Valley's Eve. Cage
. Johnny Lokke. Pelican
. The Chainsaw. Godiva
. Artension. Assrockers
. Sludge!. Attacker
. Pink Cream 69. DevilDriver
. Wicked Sensation. Deivos
. Out of the Lair. Royal Anguish
. Hard Echo. Neverland
. Shiva. Superchrist
. Devil To Pay. Celesty
. Scala Mercalli. Icon And The Black Roses
. Disarmonia Mundi. Metalium
. Marillion. Joe Stump
. Fabrizio Bonanno. Joe Lynn Turner
. Mob Rules. Dream Evil
. Killswitch Engage. Saxon
. Images of Eden. Shadows Fall
. Wintersun. Occult
. Annihilator. Scavenger
. Slowlife. House of Shakira
. Witchburner. Haunted By Angels
. The Last Act. Behemoth
. Cryme. Triumph
. Betrayer. Sonata Arctica
. John Oliva's Pain. Of Infinity
. Bloody Sign. Emerald Sun
. Entombed. Kings X
. Korpiklaani. Astral Doors
. Angtoria. John Sykes
. Novembers Doom. Drunkard
. Fire Alley. Kryoburn
. System Of A Down. Babylon
. Grand Magus. Impiety
. Groundcrew. Blind Stare
. Rudra. Agents Of Man
. Sothis. God Among Insects
. Ektomorf. Slough Feg
. Monolithe. The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
. Frameless Scar. Thor
. Winterfell. Bolt Thrower
. Ignarus. The Firstborn
. Running Wild. Savage Circus
. Paths Of Possession. Mistress
. Spellbound. Cryogen
. Urizen. Dogs Of Winter
. Virgin Steele. Dismember
. Vader. End My Sorrow
. Cannibal Corpse. Poison
. Ephel Duath. Wolves in the Throne Room
. Scum. The Berzerker
. Phoenix Mourning. Vreid
. Cavalar. Speed/Kill/Hate
. Upon Infliction. Dawn of Azazel
. Spawn of Possession. Vengeance
. Dendura. Sahg
. Skid Row. Fleshgore
. I. Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
. Enochian Crescent. Thy Majestie
. Zoroaster. Satyricon
. Teeth of the Hydra. Lupara
. Winger. Twisted Into Form
. Blood Tsunami. With Passion
. In This Moment. Lord Belial
. Old Man's Child. Pentacle
. Malevolent Creation. David Galas
. Nation Beyond. Himsa
. Cauldron. Frosthardr
. Mass Extinction. Pathology
. Alkemyst. Rosetta
. Mortiis. Witchfinder General
. Puscifer. Moonshine
. Equilibrium. Virgin Black
. The More I See. Deadsea
. End of Man. Wolfgate
. Sister Sin