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Iced Earth/Children Of Bodom/Evergrey - Pop's April 19th Sauget, Illinois

I just got in and what a show. Let me just state this is the greatest concert I have ever been a part of.

I had just gotten into this band no more than 4 months ago. They came out and opened up with "End of Your Days", they sounded good, but the lead guitar needed a twink in sound at least from where I was standing (2 rows from the security bars by the left speaker). I could barley hear it.

Next I believe they played "The Master Plan", then some new song (sorry didn't catch the title) that kicked my ass and was a good headbanger. Next was "Recreation Day" and that was my highlight song of their set, it was well played live. Then they played another new song, and closed with "Blinded".

Children of Bodom
The sound check seemed like an eternity. Chants of Bodom and CoB were screamed by the audience that then erupted into a huge roar when the lights dimmed out and "they are coming to take me away Hah Hah started playing". Then Bodom came out on stage and went right to business opening up with "Hate Me!" After that they went into "Chokehold", which is one of my favorite live songs by CoB. Next was "Sixpounder" and it was a neckbreaker, after that (forgot the order but I know these songs were played) "Angels Don't Kill", "Silent Night Bodom Night", "Everytime I Die", "Needled 24/7", and of course they closed with "Downfall". Needless to say my energy level after CoB was just gone. The crowd response was great. The band was alive and healthy and played flawlessly with no technical difficulties. I could not have asked for a better show except a few songs I wished they would have played live, but that setlist owned anyway.

Iced Earth
Another goddamn soundcheck that lasted forever again. But as soon as those lights went out the audience erupted with cheers and Iced Earth chants. My neck will never forgive me for what was about to be unleashed upon it. The National Anthem fired up, and then Iced Earth came out and started up "Declaration Day", which is a great opener if you ask me. After that it was "Burning Times", then "Vengance is Mine". I can't remeber the rest of the set in order but I will list the songs they played, "Angels's Holocaust" (the old bastards didn't play "Stormrider" afterwards which was suprising), "Violate" (total necksnapper), "Greenface", "Red Baron", "Melancholy" (gives you a great feel live), "When the Eagle Cries", "Stand Alone", "Dracula", "My Own Savior", "The Prophecy", "Birth of the Wicked", and "The Coming Curse".

After that Tim Owens said "Thank You All" and the band exited the stage. I was like what the fuck, "where is The Gettysburg epic at dammit". Well suprise, the stage crew came on with an American Flag and a Confederate Flag. Jon Schaffer and the lead guitarist (sorry don't remeber his name) came back on stage. Jon had a Confederate soldier uniform on with a Confederate flag painted guitar and the lead guitarist had a Union soldier uniform on with a American flag painted guitar. Then they began to play "Devil To Pay", "Hold At All Costs", and my favorite, "High Water Mark". But much to my suprise they were not done yet as they closed with their self title "Iced Earth". What a fucking great show. They were perfect.

I didn't wait around for autographs or anything this time me and my friends were tired and needed to get food and go home. But meeting the Evergrey guy was cool. Anyway I hope for those that are about to see this tour that this review pumps you up even more for it, and for those of you are missing this tour, I hope it bathes you in shame and regret to the Gods Of Metal, because missing this tour is blasphemy to all that is metal.


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