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Who: Sebastian Bach
Ziggy's--Winston Salem, NC, USA
Kim Thore

"He is the real deal, he is obviously in his element, and after 26 years of colossal highs and enormous downs, Bach isn't exiting stage right to live off royalties."

Bach in Demand

Fewer front men have managed to keep landing on their feet like Sebastian Bach. Whether he's forging the great rock divide with Skid Row, performing on Broadway, or being the only saving grace of the Chinese Democracy tour, he has remained solidly within the cross hairs of rock and metal. And, if the recent packed show and kick off of the 2012 tour at Ziggy's in Winston Salem, NC is any indication, he's loud, proud and continues to draw a crowd.

Launching off with a spot on performance of Slave to the Grind, followed by the lead track from the newly released Kicking and Screaming, Bach was in top form vocally. Performing songs from Angel Down and the new cd, he slid, with perfect timing, in some of his best Skid Row classics that had the crowd elevated into a rock and roll euphoria--a crowd that was a surprising mix of longtime and new fans suggesting that Kicking and Screaming is reaching more admirers than your average Skid Row junkie. Just ask the elementary school kid who got up on stage during "Youth Gone Wild" with horns up and dreams of stage stardom.

Backing Bach were child guitar prodigy Nick Sterling, guitarist Johnny Chromatic, Bobby Jarzombek on Drums and newcomer Jason Christopher on bass. While there may never be another Hill/Sabo/Bolan/Affuso heyday ensemble, much can be said about the current lineup holding their own and managing to dodge that "we sound like a cover band" bullet. Jarzombek and Christopher were quickly playing in the pocket and Sterling and Chromatic make for a fearsome guitar duo.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear Bach be able to hit the same notes of yesteryear and perform with as much enthusiasm as he did when Skid Row were playing coliseums. Just as the show began, Bach was standing stage left at the stairs and there was no mistaking the pure elation in his face as he eagerly awaited his cue to start the show. Jaded? Going through the motions? Not this guy. It could have been 1986 and Bach's first show. He is the real deal, he is obviously in his element, and after 26 years of colossal highs and enormous downs, Bach isn't exiting stage right to live off royalties. He's proving that he "won't be the one left behind and that you can't be king of the world , If you're slave to the grind".

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