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Edguy w/ Tad Morose 09.15.04 - BB Kings, NYC

Edguy, probably the most energetic force in the world of power metal today, made their very first visit to New York City before they were set to play the Prog Power USA show in Georgia. Their opener would be Sweden’s own Tad Morose. Each band was supporting their most recent release, Edguy’s “Hellfire Club” and Tad Morose “Modus Vivendi”. The venue would be The B.B. King Blues Club once again (and I have noticed a large amount of metal acts coming here of late). This venue in my opinion while very stylish and well-known is not truly the setting for a good metal show. I find the bands often getting lost in the PA system or things are just missing overall. There are venues I prefer to see metal shows more than this one, but you have to go where they play when it comes right down to it. I view it as at least the bands are hitting NYC in some fashion.

First up was Tad Morose from Sweden. I have to admit I was so unfamiliar with the band and their music that I was a little embarrassed when I got to say hello to them before the set began. I will tell you this much fans of Power Metal - that Tad Morose kicks some serious ass on CD and in person. If you don’t own their music, go find out where you can get the new album at least as it will not dissappoint you. Many tracks performed by the group were from the latest Century Media release “Modus Vivendi”. Noting some tracks that were played were “Anubis”, “Show No Mercy” and many more. I am planning on reviewing this CD in the future so keep an eye out for that.

Edguy was up shortly after this. When they came out it was like a rocking party mode among everyone in attendance. The band started playing their rousing and funny “Lavatory Love Machine” and then singer Tobias Sammett came out and pretty much did not stop running about all night. The group did a large amount of tracks from the Nuclear Blast CD “Hellfire Club”. This is a great disk and the first to be available from Edguy in the USA as I understand. Tracks such as “We Don’t Need A Hero”, “King Of Fools”, Fallen Angel” and even some stuff from Avantasia (a side project of Tobias) were performed. I am only sad that the band chose to do a mere handful of shows. I think more folks would have been interested in seeing them play if they had stayed Stateside just a little longer.

I did have a gripe about the attendance to this show. It seemed that less than 500 people were there, as there was so much room to wander about the place. A far cry from the recent Nightwish show which was filled to over-flowing capacity. This has to be the lack of proper promotion by either the promoter or the venue. This was after all the very first time that both bands had been to NYC. Given the surge in popularity of some of these power metal bands I was very disappointed in the lackluster showing. The groups however did not let this faze them as they provided a full evening of powerful music. They all fed off the energy the crowd was giving them and everyone there had a great time. I only hope that both groups return to these shores sooner rather than later.

Edguy Website:
Tad Morose Website:

--Ken Pierce

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