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Road Reports
Otep, American Head Charge @ NYC: 02-25-05

Artist: Otep with American Head Charge
Venue: Knitting Factory NYC
Opener: Candiria, Blood Simple
Date: 2-25-05

American Head Charge performed an electrifying set at their appearance at the Knitting Factory last night supporting their latest CD Release entitled “Feeder”. The band was the main opener for Otep and this combination was the perfect mix of quality songs as well as stage intensity. The Knitting Factory is a cool place to see a show, and according to the staff this well known Jazz club has been featuring the heavier music for some time. However, the tricky part is navigation and room. The stage is a little smaller than you would expect if you had a decent amount of equipment. This was painfully the case when AHC hit the stage. The band is 6 members strong, and not only had a full drum kit, but also a keyboard rig. The guys seemed to be almost tripping over one another, yet it did not get in the way of their performance at all. Playing what seemed to be just under an hours time, the group proved that their material is strong and will be interesting to see the future developments of the band.

When Otep hit the stage, the place went crazy, as clearly most of the crowd was there for them. The band mixes a brutal style of metal with the poetic writings of singer Otep. She is a very talented young Lady and it is easy to see why the cult following of this group is growing larger and larger. Otep seems very in-touch with her fanbase and talks to them a lot at intervals between tunes. I wish I knew more of their music going in, but either way I had a good time. While I love Knitting Factory I felt this show should have been at Irving Plaza or B.B. Kings though, to allow for a little more audience comfort. It was too tight and difficult to get any pictures as a result.

I caught very little of openers Candiria and none of Blood Simple. Perhaps another time.

Set List:
1. Effigy 23
2. All Wrapped Up
3. Dirty
4. Pledge
5. Suspect
6. Just So You Know
7. Loyalty
8. To Blame
9. Seamless

--Ken Pierce

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