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  • Danzig, Trivium @ NYC: 03-01-05

    Artist: Danzig
    Venue: The Spirit Club NYC
    Opener: Trivium, Kataclysm

    Metal Icon Glen Danzig returned to New York for a show at the Spirit Entertainment Center, a totally cool club in New York that I have not attended until this particular show. The show would prove to be chock full of surprises to say the least. For not only was Type-O-Negative drummer Johnny Kelly handling the chores on the drum kit but it was also disclosed that the show would feature another very special and historic musical guest.

    Kicking off the evening was Trivium, a Roadrunner act who was promoting their latest piece of metal. I enjoyed them more this time around than when I first saw them opening for Iced Earth last year. Lots of old school feel in the Nu-Metal styling of these guys. Worthy of a look see. Just before Danzig was the band Kataclysm, who while proclaiming themselves a Death Metal band did not impress me as much as the previous weeks show of Behemoth/Suffocation. They did everything right in the Death Metal sense, however, there was not as much presence as I had recently absorbed.

    Glen was in good form and really got people going. The hulking bassist Jimmy Montano scowling menacingly at the crowd just made the frenzy wilder. He was into spewing water out to the crowd, which while looking cool from afar was not a lot of fun for the photographers trying to cover the show. I jumped like a rabbit since I was with brand new gear myself. On guitar was Tommy Victor of Prong yet I could not confirm it 100%. It was also very cool to see Mister Kelly on the drums. As a fan of Type-O-Negative, it was interesting to see him playing a slightly different style of metal. John uses a very minimal kit (bass drum, snare, tom and floor with cymbals) and its jet black color fit right in with the Danzig decor, the lights reflecting off his chrome trucker stickers of girls. The Danzig stage dťcor was cool as well, as he has the skull from Lucifuge as a backdrop and several other statuettes of demonic heads around the place.

    After several numbers from his set, Danzig laid the ultimate surprise on the audience. He was speaking about being from the area or something (I could not make it out all that much from my vantage point), yet when he was done speaking out came Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein of the one and only Misfits. From there the group slammed through about 30 minutes of Misfits classics. The set list for that part of the show ran like this: “20 Eyes”, “Skulls”, “Mommy”, “Earth A.D.”, “Hatebreeders”, “Die, Die”, “138”. It was funny to hear Glen announce before “Die, Die” that “this is the song that Metallica butchered”.

    I have to wonder about what Glen could be thinking after seeing the reception of Doyle and the playing of those classic tunes. Can he possibly be entertaining the idea of a full blown Misfits reunion with him leading the charge? One can only hope, as this chance to see one of only a choice few shows featuring the Misfits music was a rare treat and I think others would take to this without question. We music fans can only hope.

    Set List:
    1. Skin Carver
    2. Satanís Child
    3. I Luciferi
    4. Black Mass
    5. Circle Of Snakes
    6. 1000 Devilís Reign
    7. Itís Coming Down
    8. How The Gods Kill 9. Her Black Wings
    10. Until You Call On The Dark
    11. Bringer Of Death
    12. Twist Of Cain
    13. Mother

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    --Ken Pierce

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