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Road Reports

June 18th, 2005
Red River Valley Fair-Fargo, ND
Opening Band: None

As always with the Red River Valley Fair, I got there well ahead of most people to get front row and to get good camera shots. It’s a small area, clearly used as a race track the rest of the year. They tar the standing area in case of rain and any other mishaps that are a regular occurrence in the Fargo area. My only dislike of the set up is the fence in front of us. It’s so high and hard for any good pictures to be taken. The other thing that scared me was the security recognizes me from the previous shows, and previous years, that can never be good.

Before Tesla started Jeff Keith came out with the soldiers of the area and shot out t-shirts to the fans which everyone thought was pretty cool. It was a great way to start out the night of rock and roll. When that was done he left the stage for a few minutes before they all came on stage and started the night.

The show started around 8:00 and didn’t end till around 11:00. I had a lot of fun seeing them live and hearing the songs that are cranked in my car so often. They played songs off of their new album as well as all their classics such as “Signs” “Love Song” and “Little Suzy” They played hard, had all the fans singing a long and made sure that everyone knew they were welcome to the show. Not only talking to the ground fans, talking to the fans in the stands created more of a party atmosphere.

When they started out they rocked and had fun, then through it the settled down and played the slower songs that everyone wanted to hear, and played new material off their new album “Into the Now.” Through the whole show Jeff Keith made sure he made his way around the stage to give all the fans a chance to see him and to perform in front of them, the rest of the band did the same. My favorite part of the show was the guitar solos from Frank and Tommy. I found those most amazing and fun to listen to and rock to.
I found there to be more fans out for this show than I ever could have imagined. There were fans of all ages and all out for one reason, to rock with the Tesla. I’ve never seen so much head banging and devil horns at the Red River Valley Fair as I did at Tesla last night.


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