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Road Reports

Group: Whitesnake
Date: 07.28.05
Place: Beacon Theater, New York City

They say rock is dead but this summer I have seen some of the best entertainers who are all part of the hard rock genre. Whitesnake is obviously part of this list as they played the Beacon Theater on this past July 28. David Coverdale and Tommy Aldridge represent the most famous lineup of Whitesnake that took the world by storm with the self titled CD released in1986. The new lineup which consists of a talented axe slinger by the name of Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach is celebrating close to thirty years of playing great uplifting music. The launch of this very special concert tour will be marked by the release of a new live DVD, “Whitesnake The Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues Show.

The two hour long set stayed at a steady high energy pace throughout the night, “Slide it in” got the crowd moving pretty well as did “ Slow and Easy” and of course “Here I go Again.” The Snake played all the hits that put them on the map but they also played some of the lesser played songs as well as a Coverdale/Page tune that kicked ass. From 1973 to 76 Coverdale was the lead singer in Deep Purple, one of the biggest bands in the world. A year after leaving, he formed Whitesnake in late 1977 as a blues-based rock band that set overseas attendance records before introducing itself to America.

Coverdale seemed to have lost his voice a little bit towards the end of the show but his stage men ship was incredible as always. I don’t know what Tommy Aldridge has with him on that drum kit but he was also very impressive. It was a straight ahead loud rock show at a great venue where you could see all the action up on stage. “Still of the Night” closed the set and left the nearly sold out crowd wanting more. The results were what we have been getting all summer long from these legendary bands which is the magic of a great show leaving you feeling as if you can take on anything. For more info go to


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