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Road Reports

Artist: Powerman 5000
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club - NYC
Opener: unknown
Label: not applicable
Date: 7/17/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal

Powerman 5000 rolled back into New York and it was to be an interesting night to say the least. The return by Rob Zombie's Brother Spider One would the first show in the City after a reasonable absence from doing so and it was to be held on a sweltering humid and rainy Sunday. As one walked in (which we did pretty close to Showtime) you could see that this appearance did not have a massive overall draw. If 150 people were there it would be a surprise. However, given the weather conditions and the fact that this was a Sunday evening in the middle of vacation months I felt this was the larger culprit at hand. When you add to the fact that the group is no longer signed to a major label, drawing over 100 people is still very good. I walked around the room as I am apt to do to see the scope of people who attend these things. One person way up front explained he felt there was no one here because these people don’t care about Rock and Roll anymore. “Too much nonsense is on the radio and its killing good music” he said. I am apt to agree with some of that, but still felt that everyone in the place was a diehard 5K fan.

I have to say that when the band hit the stage it no longer mattered because Spider One and his band mates slammed their fans with a great selection from their past releases. He took periodic stops between the songs to talk to the crowd and was very personable with them. It seems as though Spider is truly someone who appreciated their dedication and support over the years. The intimate setting of B.B. King Blues Club made this a little easier to accommodate and be enjoyed more by the fans. I have to admit that I never really followed Powerman 5000 but my Friends and I who attended really had a good time. The band sounded super tight and rocking and there was a lot of dancing going on through all the tunes. They even took a chance to play a number that would be from a soon to be released CD. I recommend people check them out if they are playing near you, as you don’t get a Rob Zombie clone, but instead some kick ass rock and roll. That’s always good from time to time.

Set List:
1. Listen You Fuckers - intro tape
2. Supernova Goes Pop
3. Tonight The Stars Revolt
4. Automatic
5. Action
6. Free
7. Top Of The World
8. Nobody’s Real (w/An Eye Is Upon You Intro)
9. Transform
10. The Way It Is
11. Bombshell
12. Hey That’s Right
13. Heroes And Villains
14. When Worlds Collide

Official Web site:

--Ken Pierce

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