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Road Reports

Artist: Def Leppard/Bryan Adams
Venue: Midway Stadium. St. Paul, MN
Opener: Randy Coleman
Date: 7/29/2005
Genre: Hard rock

Standing at a stadium entrance for 4 hours seems like a lot of lost time, but for Def Leppard and Bryan Adams fans it was completely normal. In St. Paul it was a nice breezy afternoon, music was a variety of Def Leppard and Bryan Adams depending on where you were in the parking lot. I saw more cut up jeans than I could of ever imagined seeing. I thought I was the only person out there that still considered them cool and fashionable, I guess I was wrong.

The 4 hour drive and the 4 hour wait was forgotten as soon as I stepped through the gate and could see the stage teasing me, I knew what I was in for, but I wasn’t expecting it. Fans of all ages stood patiently as they did last minute sound checks and preparation for the shows. As soon as the background music got quiet, I knew it was time to rock, and rock we all did.

The opening act was a young man by the name of Randy Coleman. He is part of another band known as Zoo Story, and this is his first solo tour, promoting his new solo album. He sang a few songs acoustic to get the crowd pumped for the rest of the night. I don’t think that any of us needed any help getting ready to rock. We had spent most of our day in the parking lot, listening and rocking to the sounds of Def Leppard and Bryan Adams on our stereos. Randy played for almost an hour, and proved he could rock as much as the rest of the bands we were going to see. He was a great way to start the night.

Bryan Adams was next. I will admit that I was not a Bryan Adams fan. I was listening to records of Bryan Adams a few days before the show so I knew what he sang other than the few that I was used to hearing. He started out the night with a song off his latest album “Room Service” and went through a set of classics as well as new classics.

Through his set he played the classics like Cuts Like A Knife, Kids Wanna Rock, and 18 till I Die. When he played “Summer of 69” he clarified that it wasn’t about 1969 rather it was about having fun and remembering your summer loves and summer experiences. Everyone sang along and enjoyed the song, even though some of us still think there is a different meaning to that song.
He put on a great show, had people up to sing with him, and interacted with the crowd. Bryan was changing guitars after a song and a kid called out “one more” and Bryan told him it wasn’t a bar, a young lady near me yelled last call. Guess we know who are the bartenders in the crowd to get the humor. He kept his presence known wherever he was on the stage. Whenever you looked up he was there, he kept playing the stage and making sure that everyone got the chance to experience his music and his songs. Although I didn’t go to the show to see Bryan Adams my mind has been changed by seeing him live. He puts on a great show and loves his fans. He was a great start to the night.
Def Leppard was next. I was more than happy to see them, and more than excited to see them. I have seen them once before and that show got rained out in a matter of 45 minutes so I was ready for a 2 hour show of them; more than ready.    
Def Leppard started out with a classic song, a cover but a great classic all the way in “Action! Not Words” and continued the set with their classics and with a few of their covers that are on the upcoming Rock of Ages album. They kept the crowd involved, kept moving and working the stage and were a great show. Some of us were die hard fans, especially a girl in the front row who brought with a plastic sword and swung it while the were singing “Rock of Ages“. I am proud to say that I am that girl. Vivian Campbell looks over and gives me the thumbs up. I haven’t figured out yet if that was a good thumbs up or a she’s crazy thumbs up. I’ll take it anyways.      Through the show you heard many cheers, as if the songs they played were songs that haven’t been heard in years. They played a lot of the singles as well as some songs that weren’t singles but were very popular just the same. When they played “No Matter What” I found it to sound better than on the album. I loved their live version of it. A few people that I went with, or rather that met me there didn’t know what song it was but still enjoyed hearing it. When they played another one of the new covers “Rock On“ Joe starts out standing on the drum riser singing acoustic, with a green light around him, and sings the first 3 verses to the song before the rest of the band comes out. I found that to be the coolest moment of the show.

“Pour Some Sugar on Me” was the most popular song of the night, and Joe proved yet again that he still has the talent to woe the women. His voice was superb and beyond anything I have heard when I heard that song. He got a lot of women thinking of peaches and crème after that song. His hand movements didn’t help that either. (I’m guessing since I’m not a Joe Elliot Fan.-Haha)

I have been to Def Leppard before, and will go again in less than a month, each experience is different, and each experience keeps me coming back for more. Def Leppard is such a high energy rock show that you cant help but have fun. There isn’t a moment when you are sitting still wondering what is next. Though they have Vivian Campbell in the band, they still pay tribute to Steve Clark. When they performed Foolin, the video on the big screen had a lot to do with Steve Clark.

Everything that they did brought so much joy to the fans and so much love back to them, that I would see them every day if I could.

The night started out with a song with a lot of meaning to the stadium tour. “We Will Rock You” streamed from the PA before the show started and that is just what Def Leppard did.

They Rocked Us.

Band Websites:

Bryan Adams Set List
Room Service
Run to You
18 till I die
Cant stop this thing
Kids Wanna Rock
Summer of ‘69
Everything I do
This Time
Cuts like A Knife
When you’re gone
This side of Paradise
Its only Love
Only thing that looks good on you is me

Never be Another Tonight
Straight from the Heart (acoustic)

Def Leppard Set List
Action! Not Words
Let it Go
Lets Get Rocked
No Matter What
Love Bites
Armageddon It
Two Steps Behind
Gods of War
Rock On
Rocket (Extended)
Rock of Ages

Bringin on the Heartbreak
Pour Some Sugar on Me


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