Rusted Metal

Manowar - Fighting The World

By: Frank Hill
Published: Friday, July 1, 2005
He who refuses to take part in modern mediocrity will forever stand alone, an outcast. He is the bringer of change, changes that instill fear in all who go with fashion's flow. Their power comes from others, not from within. They are false! Woe unto them for the bringers of change have banded together. The time is now! We cannot be stopped! We are riding up, riding hard on the will of the people. The battle rages--choose your side...


Some people just don't get pro-wrestling. They look at it and they start asking questions that they can't answer just by watching: Why are they in costumes? Why are they cheering for the bad guy that hits women? Why are they overacting so much? You do know it's fake, right?

Well, I know wrestling is fake and can figure that the guys in Manowar aren't decended from Conan the Barbarian and they probably don't hang out in big halls, drink grog and sing hymms to Odin. It doesn't stop me from diggin them because, like wrestlin, I'm in on the game. With stuff like this you have to accept it for what it is without getting anal about the fundamentals.

Manowar plays epic power metal with big-ass choruses like a bunch of Vikings in heat. Lead vocalist Eric Adams has IMO one of the best voices in metal. He has a regular rock delivery and at any moment can sing softly or just outright scream the lyrics. Joey DeMaio is one of the best bassists out there with a really big presence in the songs unlike some that tend to just blend in. Most of their stuff has to do with fighting, bloodshed, warriors, Fate, violence, metal, etc. and although it may be corny and pretentious, it's fun if you don't take it too seriously like those Star Trek fans that live by the prime directive. "Fighting The World" is pure metal and it's one Manowar better cds.

The cover has the guys drawn out in cartoon style with leather chaps on and muscles bulging and their fists raised like they're gonna kick the world's ass if they don't let them play their metal. They're up on a mountain with storms and a volcano blasting off molten rock. A 12-year old headbanger could really dig this cover. Only thing missing is some half-naked women.

Fighting The World - Everybody loves to fight for something and if you dig metal you better fight for it cause there's people out there who want to take away your right to headbang. You got to fight for it everyday, 24/7, brother!

Dig these lines: Stripes on a tiger don't wash away / Manowar's made of steel not clay.

Blow Your Speakers - Pretty cheesy song, but it's about how you never hear metal on the radio or on TV, so you crank it up so every mother fucker on your block hears it coming out your window. True metalheads do that stuff.

Carry On - This one kicks in and rocks like the best of them. It's about getting together and playing metal no matter what. This is the kind of song that makes pale, skinny dudes think they can win The Ultimate Fighting Championship and that ain't easy to do. If you can dig this one, then you are a true B.O.S. (Brother of Steel) or if you're a chick, you'd be an S.O.S (Sister of Steel). ROCK!!!

Violence and Bloodshed - Sometimes you gotta hurt people to help people. It's about keeping your land free so you can listen to your metal and things like that. Real cool singing.

Defender - Orson Welles does the narration for the beginning of this one, so you know it's as awesome as free Krispy Kreme donuts at work. Anytime you can get Orson or Vincent Price or The Ripley's "Believe It Or Not" guy, Jack Palance, on record then you can achieve a state of Nirvanic Coolness that much easier.

There is a part that goes: "Father... father... father, I look up to YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!" that makes the hair raise on my arms. Ride like the wind, brothers of metal!

Drums Of Doom - Drum solos are metal, nuff said.

Holy War - Catholic vs. Protestant? Islam vs. Jew? Buddist vs. Hindu? No way! It's Headbangers vs. Posers and all us metalheads need to take up arms and fight for the cause. Heavy Metal is holy!

Dig these lines: Brothers of metal know no masters / Metal's our religion / Take it to the grave


Master of Revenge - I usually skip this one cause it's all a bunch of noise, but at least it's distorted bass and howling dogs and stuff.

Black Wind, Fire And Steel - All good swords have a name and the one Manowar uses is called Black Wind. Now, wind is usually trasparent, but with a sword it can be black. Swords are metal and the color black is metal, so you know that black swords are double the metal. They're metal squared. Joey's bass shreds and Eric screams the last set of lyrics just fucking killing everyone with sheer power.

In the liner notes, everyone has cool names like "Promoters of War" and "Vanguard of the Elite". The only thing that has me confused here is that in the liner notes, it says: "No synths, no pedals, no wimps", but on the back it says "ROSS THE BOSS: Guitars, Keyboards". Can somebody explain this to me?

I really like this release. It's not quite as glorious sounding as "Kings of Metal" nor is it as epic as "The Triumph of Steel", but it's pretty good. It's like Led Zep's "Immigrant Song" as a full cd. I'm gonna watch my WWE and listen to Manowar and nobody can tell me what to do.


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