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Tales From the Jugular

Several years ago a rumor began to circulate about a strange connection between Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (1973) and the MGM classic film The Wizard of Oz (1939). If you properly synchronize the film and the album, as the rumor goes, a number of coincidental events occur. So many, in fact, that a large audience is convinced that Pink Floyd intentionally created Dark Side of the Moon as an alternative soundtrack to the film. Over time this rumor has taken on a life of its own and inspired many people to try to find other "synchronicities" between films and albums.

Movie "The Crow" (1994) Synched with Queensryche's "Rage for Order" (1986)

Brandon Lee    ....     Eric Draven
Rochelle Davis    ....     Sarah
Ernie Hudson    ....     Sergeant Albrecht
Michael Wincott    ....     Top Dollar
Bai Ling    ....     Myca
Sofia Shinas    ....     Shelly Webster
Anna Thomson    ....     Darla
David Kelly    ....     T-Bird
Angel David    ....     Skank
Laurence Mason    ....     Tin Tin
Michael Massee    ....     Funboy
1. Walk In The Shadows
2. I Dream In Infrared
3. The Whisper
4. Gonna Get Close To You
5. The Killing Words
6. Surgical Strike
7. Neue Regel
8. Chemical Youth
9. London
10. Screaming In Digital
11. I Will Remember

Original "Rage for Order" CD (2xs)
The Crow (Collector's Series) DVD

Started when words "Brandon Lee" faded in on the opening credits.

Song: Walk in the Shadows

  • The Lyrics start right after the first screen title disappears.
  • Lyric "When the fire starts"...building are on fire on screen.
  • Lyric "I'll take you home"...the screen camera is entering the Eric and Shelly's house.
  • Lyric "We'll walk in the shadows"...night crew attending Brandon's body on the street are casting long shadows.
  • Drum beats match camera flashes of reporters momentarily.
  • Lyric "One day you'll be with me if only you believe" shows close-up of Shelly's bloody face w/oxygen mask.

    Song: I Dream in Infrared
  • Lyrics begin right when "One year later" fades onto the screen.
  • Lyric "Don't you see I need you / I can't stand the pain"...Eric's grave is shown.
  • Lyric "I can't stand the pain"...Eric's grave opens.

    Song: The Whisper
  • Drum beats match on screen explosions.
  • Lyric "Voices are calling me back"...Eric enters the main room of his old home.
  • Lyric "Forget what you learned in the past"...Eric is having flashbacks of his time with Shelly.
  • Laughing on CD matches characters laughing on screen.
  • Background Lyrics "He'll kill us all, kill us all"...chaos on screen with the men who broke into the apartment and killed Eric and Shelly.

    Song: Gonna Get Close To You
  • Lyric "You think I'm a fool or maybe some kind of lunatic"...bad guys, after swallowing bullets, are pointing guns at each others' heads.
  • Lyric "You think I'm a fool or maybe some kind of lunatic"...Crow mask on mirror is shown.
  • Lyric "Gonna get close to you" repeats as Eric becomes the Crow on screen.

    Song: The Killing Words
  • Lyrics "It's over, it's're too late to take a chance're killing me"...plays as the Crow is fighting with his first revenge killing, Tin Tin.

    Song: Surgical Strike
  • song plays during knife fight with Tin Tin.

    Song: Neue Regel (New Rule)
  • Lyrics "Neue regel is here"...plays as a crow flies over Brandon’s shoulder and into Gideon's pawn shop.
  • Cops are shown on screen during machine gun sound effects on CD.

    Song: Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)
  • Song is playing as gasoline is pour all over Gideon's shop.

    Song: London
  • Lyrics "There's some things in life I could never face"...Sarah, the young girl who befriended Eric and Shelly turns around to look at Eric who has spoken and disappeared.

    Song: I Will Remember
  • Lyrics "I will remember"...Darla, the absentee mother of Sarah, has been cleaned of morphine by The Crow and runs off crying for her daughter.
  • Lyrics "You will remember / The star that came tonight"...characters on screen sit down to recall the events from Shelly's hospital stay/death

    CD restarted

    Song: The Whisper
  • Lyrics "the tolling of the judgment bell"...during T-Bird's forced high-speed car run.

    Song: Gonna Get Close To You
  • Lyrics "shadows sweating on the wall"..Skank's giant shadow is shown on building wall.
  • Lyrics "turn out the light"...sung as T'Bird's car explodes and crashes into the water.
  • Lyric "Gonna get close to you" repeats as Darla is trying to fix breakfast and be a good mother and Sarah is trying to accept her mom's new attention towards her.

    Song: The Killing Words
  • Lyric "It's's over" Eric is in the old apartment burning pics of him and Shelly.
  • Lyric "Forget if you can / The way you moved when our hands touched"...plays as a flashback of Eric and Shelly dancing in a field is shown.

    Song: Surgical Strike
  • During opening drums, Skank is shown dancing like a nut.
  • Eric is shown playing a guitar solo on screen which hits during part of the guitar solo on the song.

    Song: Neue Regel (New Rule)
  • Lyric "I will light the way for us to find order of a new kind"...plays as Top Dollar is telling his henchmen about starting the biggest fires in the city ever.
  • Gunshots are played on the CD as the gun fight scene is going on in the movie.

    Song: London
  • Lyrics "the worst is being alone"...Eric is looking at Shelly's grave.
  • Lyrics "Sometimes I wish I could have taken your place my love"...Eric places hand on Shelly's gravestone.

    Song: Screaming in Digital
  • Screaming on CD...Myca on screen is screaming as her eyes are being pecked out by a crow.

    Song: I Will Remember
  • Lyrics "You will remember"...The Crow grabs Top Dollar to transfer his pain onto him.
  • Lyrics "I will remember"...Eric taps his head
  • Song fades out as Eric disappears to the afterlife.

    CD is over with about 3-5 minutes left of the movie.

    --Frank Hill

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