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A Look at Metal Producer Andy Sneap

By: Eric Compton
Published: Thursday, February 27, 2014
Andy Sneap. Chances are good that if you are a fan of metal, the name Andy Sneap is one that is vastly familiar to you. If you don't, mates, well then you all are off your rockers. Sneap has been one of the biggest metal producer names bantered about in the last ten years. He has produced albums for the genre's trend setters and current hot bands. From the beginning his sound has possessed a quality matched by no one. He has the ability to make every instrument, including vocals, shine on their own and blend together seemelssly. Sneap has an added bonus in that he played with a band early on--Sabbat--and is still a member of Hell. His natural ear for music allows him to look for sounds and qualities of the music that only a musician would be able to obtain. That is what seems to endear him to so many old school and new bands--his ability to relate and work with them to get the sound they want. To hear some of his work check out "Khaos Legions" by Arch Enemy or "Surgical Steel" by Carcass. With each new album Sneap continues to push the boundaries of producing and I eagerly anticipate his next work.

Andy Sneap
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Studio - Backstage Studios, Derbyshire UK

Notable Works:
Accept - "Stalingrad", "Blood of the Nations
Amon Amarth- "Deceiver of the Gods"
Arch Enemy- "Wages of Sin", "Anthems of Rebellion", "Khaos Legions"
Carcass- "Surgical Steel"
Exodus- "Tempo of the Damned", "The Atrocity Exhibition...Exhibit A", "Exhibit B: The Human Condition"
Megadeth- "Endgame", United Abominations"
Nevermore- "Dead Heart In A Dead World", "Enemies of Reality", "The Obsidian Conspiracy"
Opeth- "Deliverance"
Testament- "The Gathering", "The Formation of Damnation", "Dark Roots of Earth"


Early in his career, Sneap self produced the albums for his band Sabbat. After doing this he realized he had a love for the producing side of the business and built his Backstage Studios. He started out working with bands of all genres but seems to really have cut back on working with the extreme bands. He not only produces the albums but also plays session guitar, un-credited most of the time. He also knows how to make certain elements the focal point when needed. He is a master at his craft and bands are lining up like crazy to work with him due to his musical ear and ability to capture the band as a whole.

-Rich, full production highlighting each instrument and vocals
-Clear, full guitar tone allowing you to hear the difference between the leads and rhythm sections
-Triggered drums and snares at times
-No echo or feedback from snares or guitars

Andy Sneap works anywhere from six to eight albums a year. Not sure what is on the horizon for him this year but I'm sure it will be worthy.

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