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Tales from the Jugular

Website Reviews 1 - Megadeth, Paragon, Lullacry...

By: Maximum Metal Writer
Published: Friday, July 2, 2004
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5 - Excellent
4 - Very good
3 - Average
2 - Fair
1 - Very poor
0 - Horrible

General Design - Overall attractiveness or eye appeal of the site.
Graphics - How the individual visual elements add to the site.
Layout - How is the screen space used for the site.
Navigation - Ease of getting around the site to what you need. Use of link integrity.
Content - How relevant or useful is the information provided by the site.
Overall Score = Total scores/5

Megadeth (
General Design - 5
Graphics - 4
Layout - 4
Navigation - 5
Content - 5
Overall - 23/5 = 4.6

Notable: Forum, Links, Merchandise, Downloads
Comments: Very Informative and up to date. There is a great message board which is used by many fans and the band members. Site is easy to navigate with the option to make your own bookmarks. There is an update section that tells you the date of when pages had new material added. Background is changed to correspond with the current release from the band.--Troy Cole

Lullacry (

General Design - 4
Graphics - 3
Layout - 4
Navigation - 5
Content - 5
Overall - 21/5 = 4.2

Comments: This one's pretty easy on the eyes with a basic table format. Tone color is consistent 'esp for the backgrounds and the white on red is easy to read. Individual images are basicaly dropped on pages like a newspaper though with little done to them creativly. A lot of up-to-date info is availible about this band and I can get pretty much anywhere with one click. --Frank Hill

Jag Panzer (
General Design - 5
Graphics - 4
Layout - 4
Navigation - 5
Content - 5
Overall - 23/5 = 4.6

Comments: This new site looks very crisp and clean. The black and white colors enhance a nice metallic layout, almost medieval in theme which fits this band perfectly. This one is very easy to navigate, with plenty of detail put into the biography and discography. The audio samples are very informative as well, taking the band through all eras. --EC

Paragon (
General Design - 2
Graphics - 3
Layout - 3
Navigation - 4
Content - 4
Overall - 16/5 = 3.2

Comments: This site is very basic, with some decent graphics that help seperate the text from the layout. The navigation is good, with all links in working condition. The content is very informative as well, with plenty of info on the band's albums, complete with covers and tracklistings.

Crystal Eyes (
General Design - 3
Graphics - 4
Layout - 2
Navigation - 3
Content - 5
Overall - 3.4

Comments: Crystal Eyes has a pretty decent site here, but I don't really care for the layout that much. There is tons of useful info here, with a lot of details on the band and their biography. The links all work, but the main problem is they are very hard to click on due to location.

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