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Tales from the Jugular

Heavy Metal Republican's Response

By: Jonah Haze
Published: Thursday, September 2, 2004
Jonah Haze - Heavy Metal Republican's Response

I want to go on record as a heavy metal Republican that I am very disappointed with the bands and artists in the music community who have been self appointed to serve their own selfish political agendas. This Springsteen/REM/Pearl Jam Anti-Bush tour is a fine example of the ignorance that lies within the hearts of these artists and unfortunately has the opportunity to disillusion the minds of America's youth.

While the current US administration is over their heads in a war in the Middle East, a war has spread to the streets of America, where the country finds itself divided. Divided over ideals, morals, politics and party lines is really where any great country stands to learn and better itself. HOWEVER, the recent popularity of America-hating has risen to a point where real men such as Alice Cooper had to break character and raise his fist and yell. I applaud Alice for taking the time to articulate how music and politics mix about as well as Michael Moore and a Slim Fast.

If any of these artists actually took the time to research, investigate, study and act like adults they wouldn't be opening themselves up to the same criticisms they are dishing out. As AC says, they have committed treason against rock and roll. This is just another chance to make some road money and travel the country ripping people off with overpriced tickets, bad sounds and utterly horrible advice. They do not care about me or you or America. They care about lining their pockets with the faces of those who have served and died in the name of freedom. So while George W. Bush continues to fight for peace (yes, I know its a contradiction), he continues to do so in order that Fat Bastards with movie cameras and whining sniveling rock stars can continue to spread their misery and ignorance safely and freely in the name of this great country. Show me another administration willing to protect those even who oppose. Why promote segregation and envy amongst the hard working core of this country? Why? Ticket sales, that's why. Commerce in the name of art is always a quick way to make a buck.

Lest we forget the troubling march of the left wing in the 80's led by none other than Democrats Tipper Gore and friends against rock music. Does Eddie Vedder or Michael Stipe remember the PMRC and how it almost nailed the door on their careers before they even began? Probably not. These people are political windsocks who have no opinions of their own and can't even begin to comprehend the historically positive achievement of peace. Irresponsibility is having a forum but no sense in what to do with it. So they cry and tear it down and throw tantrums like little lost children looking for direction.

Well, I have got a direction for them, off the stage and back into your cribs. And maybe the sounds of this unfortunate but inevitable war will drown out your pathetic cries and when you wake all will be resolved safely and peacefully and you can return to making me sick only through your music instead of your misguided politics.

Jonah Haze
but only on behalf of myself

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