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Staff - Like to see in Metal for 2005

By: Maximum Metal Staff
Published: Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Staff - What I'd like to see in Metal for 2005

I think it's high time someone come along with a new sound or a new mixture of cross-genre sounds. Something has to come along and crush Nu metal with the mighty hammer of Thor. Really not only Nu metal but the whole lets all sound like Swedish metal thing is killing me. Why is it everyone has to sound the same? Damn the man and the media giants known as MTV and radio (and a big FUCK YOU to Clear Channel). I want bands to be creative again and not just in it for the money. Maybe 2005 will usher in a resurgence in the classic metal department, like a good mix of late 80's and early 90's combined with the skills of Andy Sneap. It also would be great to see some American bands step up and get noticed once again! Maybe some country not known for its metal contribution will offer up something completely different and throw us all for a loop. I would like to see the music industry start making only one version of a CD instead of all these different imports, two versions should be enough and while we are at it maybe they could give us a universal street date, man how cool would that be! That would mean a band from the US would be released in the US when it came out everywhere else, instead of everywhere else first and then the US. More than likely the best thing we will see is a high success of the new Dual Discs coming this year, Judas Priest will probably be the first metal release to see this treatment. Generally, I'm looking for 2005 to hold some real gems from bands such as Sentenced, Judas Priest, Hypocrisy, Soilwork, Biomechanical & Children Of Bodom to name a few and Capitol Records had better deliver on that Megadeth DVD this year! I believe metal will be a strong force to reckon with and attract a lot of new fans this year. Last and definitely not least is for MAXIMUMMETAL.COM to take over the net and be the number 1 source for metal!
--Troy Cole

In 2005 I would like to see more support for the true US underground bands who continue to put out great music. Bands like October 31, Skullview, Attacker, Overlorde, etc. I would like to see more hard rock this year and less yo-yo and deathcore bands. Looking forward to some better tours in '05 and hoping for good records this year from the likes of Solemnity, Marshall Law, Running Wild, Rebellion, Paragon, Griffin, and Crucifire. I would like to see more reissues with bonus concerts, especially those legendary and underground bands of the 80s.

Personally, I would like to see the power metal genre kicked up a notch. Lately there have been so many excellent bands that pursue the level of technical excellence. However the genre stands to lose ground due to so many similarities across the board. Groups like Nightwish and Angra have chosen to raise the bar a little by introducing diversity and style on their latest releases. More so than some others. I would like to see more concerts happen that allow the music we report on to hit the streets as it should. The record companies here are more focused on the Sidestreet N’stink Boys and American Idolatry so those that support our preferred genre need to establish more smaller festival-like tours to get acts like Tad Morose, Within Temptation and After Forever over here. I would also like a new and good KISS album.
--Ken Pierce

I've gone through different listening phases over the last year, so I will say that I'd like to hear more bands that have a cross-genre sound, y'know, the ones that you can't put into a category easily. I've heard enough straight-up death, black, prog and power, but when you can incorporate the various elements it makes for an interesting listen. Bands like In Flames, Fear Factory, Mercenary and Biomechanical are taking us into the future of metal and have the skills to do what many can't. Not being so into the hardcore sound, I'd like to see the American scene get some hard rock guys with enough attitude and charisma to get noticed. I'd also like to hear more heavily orchestrated pieces within the melodic death set. I could probably handle more female vocalists who are either sweet or rockin'. The classic, tough metal sound of late 80's metal would be welcome as well. Concerts...gimmie the small club shows, baby!
--Frank Hill

I would love to see Poison put out a real rock album. Hollyweird was okay, but it certainly wasn’t their best work. I thought it sucked, except for the few songs that CC was able to sing on. I would like to see bands like the Bones, and Starwood succeed in the music world. These bands are great. Starwood has Lizzy Borden as the lead singer, so it sounds awesome. I would like to see more underground bands make it. I would like to see the bands that work their asses off get credit for the music they create. Get rid of bands like Slipknot and 3 days grace. Those bands annoy me, and don’t deserve the fame they are getting. As far as concerts go in 2005, I would love to see AC/DC just one more time before they are done. I would love to feel the fire they create at concerts. I would also like to see KISS before they are done forever, so they should go on tour one last time for me. I am also looking forward to seeing Motley Crue, and the Rock Never stops tour. In 2005, I hope that Bret Michaels will realize his mistake in making country music. He isn’t meant for country music, so he should stop. Speaking of Motley Crue, I want to see Mick Mars make it safely through the tour. Music is ever changing, and so are my opinions of what music is.

What do I want to see happen in metal for 2005?
As far as what I'd like to see happen in metal in 2005, I'd have to say it's already off to a promising start. With new albums on the way from Corrosion of Conformity, solo Bruce Dickinson, Rob Rock and Judas Priest, what more could a metalhead want? Well, for starters, I'd like to see 'nu-metal' go the way of disco and pet rocks. I'd like to see Matt Barlow return to metal [although, not necessarily with Iced Earth]. I really want metal to reach prominence again, at least on a level where my favorite artists don't have to take 'day jobs' just to make ends meet. And finally, I'd like to see Dave Mustaine have the last laugh over the-artists-formerly-known-as-Metallica. Just call me an 'instigator.'
--Susan Wright

I would definitely like to see some great unknown bands get a big break (including mine, if it stays together long enough!). I always thought it would be cool to see a band of moderate stature (the level of, say, Jorn, Primal Fear or Starwood) get such an outpouring of support that the American media, particularly radio, can no longer afford to ignore them. I think it has happened with ShadowsFall, for example. The guy who runs Primal Fear's US fan club told me awhile back that he had toyed with the idea of a petition to get one of the band's videos played on VH1. Now there's an idea... And seriously, I'm beginning to think the mainstream music industry is running out of ideas.

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