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Tales from the Jugular

Pushing the Ladies--Female Vocals

By: Frank Hill
Published: Thursday, March 16, 2006
Tales From The Jugular - Pushing the Ladies

If you look over the stats for who's coming to Maximum Metal, you'll see over every month a pretty consistent pattern in the Search Keyphrases that lead surfers to us. From our current top 20 phrases, you'll see 11 are related to females in metal:

Christina Scabbia
Sharon den Adel
Angela Gossow
Anneke van Giersbergen
Vibeke Stene
Katrina Johansson
Kimberly Goss
Simone Simons
Sabine Edelsbacher
metal babes
Sabina Classen

Not doubt due to the new Lacuna Coil CD, "Karmacode", Christina accounted for a massive 10% (!) of the 2749 different keyphrases that have sent people to us. Our small Metal Maidens (link) section for last month generated as many visits as our reviews did. It could also be that metal women are highly searched all across the board, but I'm inclined to say that maybe there is a real lack of focus on women in metal and since we have the Metal Maidens section, it gets an fair amount of traffic from searches.

Putting "Christina Scabbia" into Google brought us up as the first entry, even though we only have a few sentences, with her band's official Lacuna Coil website coming in at #4. We're very high in the other names as well.

So, to toot our own horn and give a little more push to the ladies, here's a couple links to check out if you're into female vocals. If any are outdated, please let us know.

Metal Maidens: link

Female Metal Vocalists - Clean, Power, and Growlers: link

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