Top 5 Metal Soundtrack Songs
1/21/2011 11:56:01 AM by Eric

The big glow of Hollywood always seems to shine a little ray on metal's gutters. The big screen has been very kind to the heavy metal community and left us many memorable songs to fully back up even the worse grime of Hollywood's motion picture. EC, an avid movie fan here at MM has delivered his top 5 metal soundtrack songs...

1. Megadeth - Angry Again from the "Last Action Hero".

2. Machine Head - My Misery from the "Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight".

3. Tesla - Last Action Hero from the "Last Action Hero".

4. Dio - Hide In The Rainbow from the "Iron Eagle".

5. Guns 'N Roses - You Could Be Mine from "Terminator 2".

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Scanner Vicious Mary
Big Dumb Face Perzonal War
Regurgitate Symphorce
Solace Godsmack
Warhorse Queensryche
Seether Steel Attack
Wizard Power of Omens
October 31 Hammerwhore
Saint SelfInflicted
Thunderbolt Sludge!
Out of the Lair Secret Sphere
Soul Reaper Dew Scented
Fairyland Node
Drowning Pool Superchrist
Jag Panzer Bleeding Inc
Skyfire Destructor
Therion Bonfire
Skeletonwitch Black Destiny
Images of Eden Dio
Jungle Rot GWAR
Ironhorse Rush
Mercenary Azrael's Bane
Image Corrosion Of Conformity
Dirt Necrophagia
Labyrinth Hellfire
Suidakra Wolverine
Diecast Stormwarrior
Alex Skolnick Trio Axis Of Perdition
Ramesses Babylon
Throes of Dawn Slumber
Hatesphere Groundcrew
Rudra Vicious Art
Communic Taake
Monolithe Supagroup
Nightvision Painmuseum
Lake Of Tears Redemption
Orphaned Land Blood Thirsty Demons
Mabon Vinterriket
End My Sorrow Fallen Wisdom
Mental Care Foundation Pile of Heads
Cannibal Corpse Poison
Daylight Dies Tris Katone
Dream Or Nightmare Michael Orlando
Jotunspor Bloodbound
Amon Amarth From the Grave
Zero Hour Satyricon
Obtest Starkweather
Kotipelto Urkraft
Gaza Stonegard
With Passion Lord Belial
Trouble Nominon
Tears Retrospective
Faith And Fire Randy Ellefson
Cauldron Heresi
Night Ranger Cockpit
Blood Haven Straight Line Stitch
Last Stone Cast Burzum
To-Mera Armory
Equilibrium Intolerant
Uriah Heep Deadsea
Wolfgate My Dying Bride
Raven Dark Castle