Top 5 Metal Soundtrack Songs
1/21/2011 11:56:01 AM by Eric

The big glow of Hollywood always seems to shine a little ray on metal's gutters. The big screen has been very kind to the heavy metal community and left us many memorable songs to fully back up even the worse grime of Hollywood's motion picture. EC, an avid movie fan here at MM has delivered his top 5 metal soundtrack songs...

1. Megadeth - Angry Again from the "Last Action Hero".

2. Machine Head - My Misery from the "Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight".

3. Tesla - Last Action Hero from the "Last Action Hero".

4. Dio - Hide In The Rainbow from the "Iron Eagle".

5. Guns 'N Roses - You Could Be Mine from "Terminator 2".

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Hate Eternal LA Guns
Leng Tch'e Mudvayne
Grave Twilight Odyssey
Big Dumb Face Immolation
Mondo Generator Twisted Tower Dire
Helloween Overkill
Vaginal Carnage Lamb of God
Sickspeed Crematorium
God Dethroned Vyndykator
H.I.M. Inner Rage of Emotion
Kilfast Rage
Steel Preacher Lanfear
Dream Weaver Sinergy
Guardians Of Time Vhaldemar
Drillpoint Murdercycle
Defiled Probot
Dreamaker Three Inches of Blood
Death Angel Superchrist
Evanescence Deep Purple
Wolf Nova Lex
Velvet Revolver Gary Moore
Marillion House of Lords
Feinstein Joey Belladonna
Metal Church Images of Eden
Wintersun Beaten Back To Pure
Unearth Otep
Valume Nob Necrodemon
Dark Ruin Witchburner
Silent Force The Last Act
Agnostic Front Mirror of Deception
Angra Creed
John Oliva's Pain Crowbar
Motley Crue Emerald Sun
Hellfueled Requiem Aeternam
Shatterpoint Yyrkoon
Mechanical Poet Carbomb
Chuck Schuldiner John Sykes
Oathean Meshuggah
Lord Gore Soul SirkUS
Kryoburn Operatika
Grand Magus Slumber
Ivory Knight Agents Of Man
God Among Insects Communic
Goddess Of Desire Slik Helvetika
Leaves Eyes Havochate
The Scourger Warchild
To The Bone Mercyful Fate
Peccatum Forever Slave
Casus Belli Shattersphere
Arthemis Ghost Machinery
Infliction Midnight Idols
Khold Motorhead
Absolution End My Sorrow
Witchery Sepultura
Cannibal Corpse Intronaut
286 Upwards of Endtime
Scum Firehouse
Clawfinger Cryptopsy
Viron Warrant (Amer)
Stormcrow Sun Descends
Black Crucifixion Cult of Luna
Unsilent Phenomenon Vengeance
Dendura Amon Amarth
Skid Row Ynis Vitrin
Agalloch Burialmound
Anata Setherial
Myon Satyricon
Darkness Eternal Middian
Terry Sullivan Dream Theater
Necrophobic Marc Sasso
White Willow Five Finger Death Punch
Gotthard Nominon
Transmission 0 Ulcerate
Throneum Faith And Fire
Hellveto Cauldron
Glenn Hughes Deceiver
Ost Est Ima Armory
Embalming Theatre Equilibrium
The Lamp of Thoth Iron Fire
Cursed DC4