Top 5 Metal Soundtrack Songs
1/21/2011 11:56:01 AM by Eric

The big glow of Hollywood always seems to shine a little ray on metal's gutters. The big screen has been very kind to the heavy metal community and left us many memorable songs to fully back up even the worse grime of Hollywood's motion picture. EC, an avid movie fan here at MM has delivered his top 5 metal soundtrack songs...

1. Megadeth - Angry Again from the "Last Action Hero".

2. Machine Head - My Misery from the "Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight".

3. Tesla - Last Action Hero from the "Last Action Hero".

4. Dio - Hide In The Rainbow from the "Iron Eagle".

5. Guns 'N Roses - You Could Be Mine from "Terminator 2".

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Big Dumb Face Dokken
Disturbed Rebellion
Regurgitate Machine Head
Commit Suicide Circle II Circle
Majesty Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Sickspeed Thunderbolt
Runemagick Steel Preacher
Rob Rock Sludge!
Sinergy Beautiful Creatures
Mnemic Thunderstone
Halloween Tesla
Death Angel I Hate Sally
Gothic Knights Celesty
Riot Cans
Amityville Whore Brutal Mastication
Mob Rules Chapter VIII
Unleashed Lilitu
Aina Annihilator
GWAR The Last Act
Twisted Sister Betrayer
Dark Tranquillity Kinetic
Emerald Sun Helgrind
Divine Fire Kings X
Crionics Hellfueled
Maze Of Torment Dirt
Quiet Riot Necrophagia
Strikelight Mechanical Poet
Icarus Witch Mystic Prophecy
Darkthrone Cemetary
Antares Marduk
Chaoswave Axel Rudi Pell
Operatika Strapping Young Lad
Slumber Astarte
Vicious Art Ektomorf
Unshine Circus Maximus
Leaves Eyes Clutch
Agents Of The Sun A Lower Deep
Flotsam & Jetsam Nuclear Assault
Dragonia Before The Dawn
Bolt Thrower Forever Slave
Avenged Sevenfold Vinterriket
Balatonizer Avulsed
Zero Down Taunusheim
Insense Across Tundras
Katatonia Cardinale
Intronaut Boris
Viron Spawn of Possession
Michael Orlando Cult of Luna
Gorgoroth Suzukiton
Psycroptic Vicious Rumors
Pretty Maids The Abominable Iron Sloth
Enochian Crescent Myon
Amputated Eighteen Visions
Darkness Eternal Centinex
Southern Gentleman Static-X
Crescent Shield Satariel
Passion Pantera
Spit Like This Transmission 0
Lipstick Magazine Kruger
JR Ewing Depressed Mode
Ensiferum Cauldron
Alkemyst Blood Haven
Intolerant Sin
Faded Hope Dread the Forsaken
Sister Sin