Lemmy Week Wednesday -- Archive Interview with Strutter
2/2/2011 2:31:05 PM by Frank

"We were escorted backstage and asked to wait a bit outside the dressing room since Lemmy had friends with him and was catching up on old times. Finally, we were invited into the inner sanctum and there he sat, one of Rock's most legendary front men surrounded by a few opened bags of chips, a drink, a paperback and a pack of smokes.

I don't know what I expected, perhaps a gilded throne with silver tipped horns, but instead it felt like I had managed to catch Lemmy at the local bar or pub for a nice chat...And it was at that moment I realized--legends are few and far between and here I was sitting in front of one of the most notorious, surprisingly affable, accommodating, and vastly intelligent. I quickly realized this was no ordinary rock star..."

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