Lemmy Week Thursday - Our Review of the New Motorhead Release
2/3/2011 1:25:26 PM by Eric

Ladies and gentlemen...we have a brand new Motorhead record, right on time and right on schedule. Every two years metal fans can shake their fist to the rough and tumble sounds of Lemmy and the boys and this new record is no exception. The World Is Yours is chock full of smokin Motorhead numbers, vintage and the same yet still a pounding sensation of what is right with the metal world. The album is still Motorhead and fans and community know what they are getting. Few bands can get away with it, but decade after decade the band still puts out the same music, arguably the same album again and again.

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Hate Eternal In Flames
The Kovenant Skullview
Seven Witches Majesty
Usurper Ring of Fire
Liege Lord Crematorium
Abigor Power of Omens
Carnal Forge Tungsten
Nordheim Beautiful Creatures
Murdercycle Fraise
Deivos Iron Savior
Tesla Volbeat
Devil To Pay Bang The Union
Wolf Epica
U.D.O. Judas Priest
Black Zodiac Brutal Mastication
Hatework Therion
Goatsnake Scorpions
Images of Eden Katagory V
Valume Nob Slowlife
Six Feet Under Within Temptation
Mirror of Deception Tristania
Sonata Arctica Ligeia
Miles Beyond Lost Soul
Belef Requiem Aeternam
Soilwork Seige of Hate
Necrophagia Yyrkoon
Chuck Schuldiner Darkthrone
Novembers Doom Meshuggah
Axis Of Perdition Kinrick
Thunderblast Neil Turbin
Gizmachi Ramesses
Raintime Hatesphere
Mirador Python
Naglfar Maximum Overdrive
Brand New Sin Communic
Darkane Dark Funeral
Dynamic Lights Thor
Love Forsaken Scar Symmetry
Nuclear Assault V:28
The Firstborn Avenged Sevenfold
Ewigkeit Dreamland
Wolfmother Dogs Of Winter
Grimfist Enforsaken
Tandjent Cardinale
Daylight Dies Boris
Event Horizon Valhalla
Silver Dirt Dream Or Nightmare
Hirax Royal Hunt
Unsilent Phenomenon Vengeance
Bloodbound Smohalla
Wednesday 13 The Ruins of Beverast
Eyes of Ligeia Panzerchrist
Cheva Lecherous Nocturne
Handful of Hate Dream Theater
Warbringer Mindgrinder
Zyklon Cruachan
Five Finger Death Punch Katrina Johansson
Rob Zombie Warner Drive
Funeral Sworn Enemy
Cauldron Diamond Dogs
Night Ranger Mass Extinction
Averse Sefira Cockpit
Mortiis Aetherius Obscuritas
Last Stone Cast Kreator
Embalming Theatre The Lamp of Thoth
Intolerant Kiuas
Eighteen Wheels Burning Mustasch