Lemmy Week Thursday - Our Review of the New Motorhead Release
2/3/2011 1:25:26 PM by Eric

Ladies and gentlemen...we have a brand new Motorhead record, right on time and right on schedule. Every two years metal fans can shake their fist to the rough and tumble sounds of Lemmy and the boys and this new record is no exception. The World Is Yours is chock full of smokin Motorhead numbers, vintage and the same yet still a pounding sensation of what is right with the metal world. The album is still Motorhead and fans and community know what they are getting. Few bands can get away with it, but decade after decade the band still puts out the same music, arguably the same album again and again.

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Anvil Cave In
Big Dumb Face Misery Index
Mondo Generator Grave Digger
Twelfth Gate Gun Barrel
Godsmack Rawhead Rexx
Liege Lord Manowar
God Dethroned Black Label Society
Vyndykator Pyn Siren
H.I.M. The Chainsaw
Circle of Nero Black Sabbath
Dragonforce Morbid Angel
Kilfast Mourning Beloveth
Crystal Eyes Sinergy
Savatage Windseeker
Drillpoint Murdercycle
Whitesnake Secret Sphere
Mother Misery Superchrist
Funerus Riot
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Ebony Ark
Evanescence Disarmonia Mundi
Marillion Cyst
Juggernott Fabrizio Bonanno
Destructor Joe Lynn Turner
Insomnium Dream Evil
After Forever Imp
Shadows Fall Scavenger
Z02 Chris Caffery
Neurosis The Lizards
Tsjuder Feared Creation
Kinetic Code Black
Ligeia Entombed
Lost Soul Belef
Sabaton Tarot
Mechanical Poet Carina Alfie
Mystic Prophecy Backyard Babies
John Sykes the missing:
Diecast Cemetary
Antares Kaamos
Marduk Alex Skolnick Trio
Boomerang Frantic Bleep
Soul SirkUS Chastain
Kinrick Thunderblast
Gizmachi Fastkill
Grand Magus Disbelief
Astarte Vicious Art
Brand New Sin Darkane
Dynamic Lights Voyager
Prowler Inc. Killing Spree
Impaled Nazarene Scar Symmetry
Lake Of Tears Redemption
Dragonia Armored Saint
Sun O))) Ignarus
Vile The Tenth Circle
Dogs Of Winter Gorefest
Detonation Motorhead
Virgin Steele Dismember
Beecher Vader
End of Level Boss Blackmore's Night
Upwards of Endtime Thyrane
Scum Cryptopsy
Silver Dirt Warrant (Amer)
Cavalar Cataract
Dream Or Nightmare Hirax
Non-Human Level Ensoph
Dawn of Azazel Theater of Tragedy
Before Silence Bloodbound
Skid Row I
Hurt The Ruins of Beverast
The Finals Zoroaster
Teeth of the Hydra Cult of Daath
Sathanas Panzerchrist
Darkness Eternal Middian
Deicide Fu Manchu
Hardcore Superstar Zyklon
Pantera Five Finger Death Punch
Pentacle Funeral
Depressed Mode Spheric Universe Experience
Heresi Bilocate
Mortiis Puscifer
Kreator The Lamp of Thoth
Kiuas Place Of Skulls
Battleroar Crown The Lost
Dark Castle