Lemmy Week Thursday - Our Review of the New Motorhead Release
2/3/2011 1:25:26 PM by Eric

Ladies and gentlemen...we have a brand new Motorhead record, right on time and right on schedule. Every two years metal fans can shake their fist to the rough and tumble sounds of Lemmy and the boys and this new record is no exception. The World Is Yours is chock full of smokin Motorhead numbers, vintage and the same yet still a pounding sensation of what is right with the metal world. The album is still Motorhead and fans and community know what they are getting. Few bands can get away with it, but decade after decade the band still puts out the same music, arguably the same album again and again.

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Racer X Vehemence
BloodDuster Godsmack
Nazareth Rawhead Rexx
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Sickspeed
Crematorium Firewind
God Dethroned Wycked Synn
Lanfear Hypocrisy
Defiled Probot
Brides of Destruction Soul Reaper
Doro Silver Mountain
Drowning Pool Cryonic Temple
Jaw Freakhouse
UFO Bleeding Inc
W.A.S.P. Kingcrow
Epica Highlord
Velvet Revolver De Lirium's Order
Therion Skeletonwitch
Killswitch Engage Dio
Potential Threat SF Occult
Otep Chris Caffery
Jamie. St. James GWAR
Incantation The Lizards
Blind Guardian Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Jackyl Cryme
Of Infinity Paradise Lost
Miles Beyond Blood Red Throne
Crionics Korpiklaani
Suidakra Angtoria
Argument Soul Antares
Boomerang Soul SirkUS
Debris Inc. Fire Alley
Callenish Circle Rudra
Agents Of Man Naglfar
Brand New Sin Secrets She Kept
Gemini 5 Love Forsaken
Clutch The Scourger
Mercyful Fate Evergrey
Dirty Americans Barcode
Running Wild Ewigkeit
Arthemis Dreamland
Doomfoxx Urizen
Virgin Steele Beecher
Craft Mental Care Foundation
Second Shadow Witchery
Sepultura Upwards of Endtime
Dissection Elvenking
Vreid Dream Or Nightmare
Speed/Kill/Hate Sun Descends
Warface Setherial
Enochian Crescent Lupara
Sathanas Darkness Eternal
Lecherous Nocturne Blood Tsunami
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr With Passion
Omnium Gatherum Crescent Shield
Pantera Divine Empire
Nominon Manes
The Wonderfools Randy Ellefson
Destynation Distorted
Rosetta Deceiver
Aetherius Obscuritas Vulture Industries
Hacksaw Surgery End of Man
Faded Hope Nasty Idols