The Top 5 Producers in Heavy Metal
2/9/2011 1:41:26 PM by Eric

In the busy metal community, innovation is often hard to come by. With so many acts looking to "reimagine" the 70s and 80s it becomes increasingly difficult to sort one from the other. In the past month, I have heard twenty thrash bands that could be the next Exodus or Overkill and have borrowed enough riffs to claim the throne. How do we sort one from the other?  Often it comes down to production values and the importance of modern technology.  If you have the cash and label support then my Top 5 Producers could set you apart from the pack:

1. Tue Madsen - Antfarm Studios.  Bands: Moonspell, The Haunted, Ektomorf, Dark Tranquility, Mnemic

2. Andy Sneap - Backstage Studios.  Bands: Accept, Exodus, Megadeath, Nevermore, Arch Enemy, Machine Head, Masterplan

3. Jacob Hansen - Hansen Studios.  Bands: Communic, Volbeat, Mercenary, Pyramaze, Tyr

4. Fredrick Nordstrom - Studio Fredman.  Bands: In Flames, At the Gates, Hammerfall, Opeth, Soilwork, Dream Evil

5. Peter Tagtgren - The Abyss.  Bands: Overkill, Sabaton, Marduk, Immortal, Dark Funeral, Children of Bodom

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In Flames Slipknot
White Skull Twilight Odyssey
Carpathian Forest Perzonal War
Regurgitate Impellitteri
Stratovarius Cradle of Filth
Goatwhore Twisted Tower Dire
Seven Witches Celestial Ode
Overkill Mark Boals
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Dark Moor
Firewind October 31
H.I.M. Byfist
Supervillain Shakra
Inner Rage of Emotion Fireball Ministry
Bloodbath Morbid Angel
Mourning Beloveth Savatage
Windseeker Thunderstone
Halloween Wicked Sensation
Lacuna Coil Asperity
Iron Savior Soil
TNA Black Stone Cherry
Cryonic Temple Construcdead
Exodus Riot
Jag Panzer Bang The Union
Leash Law Madison Paige
Wolf David Shankle Group
Low Earth Orbit Hatework
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Mob Rules
Chapter VIII Joey Belladonna
Bonfire Psychotron
Beaten Back To Pure Valume Nob
Jungle Rot Internal Bleeding
House of Shakira Incantation
The Last Act Blind Guardian
Tsjuder Angra
Azrael's Bane Crowbar
Ligeia Audiovision
Rottweiller Lost Soul
Seige of Hate Quiet Riot
Astral Doors Hellfire
Soulscar Icarus Witch
Wolverine Cemetary
Freedom Call Novembers Doom
Bleed The Sky Omegalord
Meshuggah Axis Of Perdition
Ignitor Ivory Knight
Sothis Graveworm
Amorphis Gemini 5
Sebastian Bach Havochate
Future is Tomorrow Mercyful Fate
Illuminatus Pagan's Mind
Russell Allen Violent Storm
Ignarus Savage Circus
Chain Collector Gorefest
Virgin Steele End of Level Boss
Enforsaken Pile of Heads
Second Shadow Powerglove
Katatonia Fields Of The Nephilim
Steep Clawfinger
Event Horizon Moonspell
Down Factor Dream Or Nightmare
Dreams of Damnation Black Crucifixion
Spawn of Possession Space Odyssey
Pretty Maids The Abominable Iron Sloth
Isis Rotting Christ
Cult of Daath Venom
Lesbian Bed Death Escape The Fate
Demise Darkness Eternal
Starkweather Centinex
Skullflower Stonegard
Manticore Lord Belial
Mindgrinder Crescent Shield
Dezperadoz Incrave
White Willow Spit Like This
Nominon Warner Drive
Lipstick Magazine Ulcerate
Keep of Kalessin Ensiferum
Mongrel Ride The Sky
Gutted With Broken Glass Rosetta
The Obsessed Trivium
SOS Moonshine
Alestorm Sin
UFOmammut Ihsahn
Nasty Idols Sotajumala
Earthen Grave