Behind the Heavy Metal Scene - Patric Ullaeus
5/23/2011 8:03:58 AM by Eric

Patric Ullaeus may be one of the most important people in the heavy metal periphery...and he isn't even in a band. This Swedish director has single-handedly launched band careers with his characteristic video shoots and photo shots. I remember seeing his work with In Flames on "The Quiet Place" video and was just blown away with his artistic style. Huge backdrops are the key to success with CGI effects and a central "theme" at work throughout.

This month of May you can see his amazing work on display launching three huge summer records. The first is the video he directed for In Flames first single "Deliver Us", taken from the upcoming "Sounds of A Playground Fading". The second is Arch Enemy's lead off cut "Yesterday Is Dead And Gone" for new album "Khaos Legions". Last, Hammerfall utilized Ullaeus for the cover of forthcoming album "Infected" and had him shoot their new single video "One More Time". Ullaeus recently has directed videos for Mnemic, Firewind, Evergrey, Samael, Leaves Eyes and Chrome Division.

To see his videos and promotional work, check out:

patricullaeus.com | revolver.se

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