Reemer's Throwing Weights Metal Mix
6/14/2011 2:46:01 PM by Frank

A few of us manly guys at Max Metal were recently discussing what music we listen to during a workout...when we decide to workout and not read comics or surf the Net for celebrity nudes. Far-flung correspondent Chris "Reemer" Thomas was kind enough to put together his personal list for everyone. It's fairly modern overall with heavy riff-slabs:

  • ACDC - Thunderstruck
  • Alter Bridge - Metalingus
  • Black Sabbath - War Pigs
  • Disturbed - Droppin Plates
  • Disturbed - Down With the Sickness
  • Drowning Pool - Bodies
  • GNR - Welcome to the Jungle
  • Korn - Coming Undone
  • Marilyn Manson - This is the New Shit
  • Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls
  • Metallica - Blackened
  • Mudvayne - Dig
  • Nine Inch Nails - Closer
  • Pantera - A New Level
  • Pantera - Walk
  • Pantera - I'm Broken
  • Saliva - I Walk Alone
  • Static X - Push It
  • System of a Down - Chop Suey
  • Tool - Sober

  • What do you you listen to for your workouts???

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    Bathory In Flames
    Twilight Odyssey Mondo Generator
    Solemnity Goatwhore
    Machine Head Celestial Ode
    Solace Helloween
    Overkill Rawhead Rexx
    Lamb of God Mortician
    Angel Dust Byfist
    Bloodbath Steel Preacher
    Rob Rock Sludge!
    Fraise Dew Scented
    Neverland Soil
    TNA Shiva
    Yngwie Malmsteen Gothic Knights
    Epica Disarmonia Mundi
    Edge Of Forever Iron Angel
    Hatework Dimmu Borgir
    Saxon Imp
    Dio Occult
    Age Of Silence Necrodemon
    Tartharia The Lizards
    Mirror of Deception Made of Iron
    Angra Cryme
    Dark Tranquillity Napalm Death
    John Oliva's Pain Azrael's Bane
    Legion Of Infinity
    Motley Crue Kamelot
    Dirt Vicious Circle
    Backyard Babies Cemetary
    Derek Sherinian Drunkard
    Soul SirkUS Fire Alley
    Kinrick Throes of Dawn
    Pro-Pain Green Carnation
    Ivory Knight Defleshed
    Blind Stare Agents Of Man
    Graveworm Amorphis
    God Among Insects Testament
    Kult ov Azazel Taake
    Secrets She Kept Horna
    Killing Spree Power Quest
    Nightvision Impaled Nazarene
    Sheavy Morgana Lefay
    Flotsam & Jetsam Pagan's Mind
    Monster Magnet Vinterriket
    Phantom X Chain Collector
    Hate End of Level Boss
    Early Man From This Day
    Grimfist Across Tundras
    Powerglove Ephel Duath
    Nikki Puppet Wolves in the Throne Room
    Scum Firehouse
    Boris Ampast
    Bal-Sagoth Candlemass
    Stormcrow TK-421
    Cult of Luna Jotunspor
    Unsilent Phenomenon Vengeance
    Azure Destruction
    Skid Row Agalloch
    Fleshgore Vicious Rumors
    Woodtemple Burialmound
    The Ruins of Beverast Enochian Crescent
    Zoroaster Satyricon
    Biolich Panzerchrist
    Cheva Starkweather
    Deicide Lecherous Nocturne
    Throne of Katarsis The Chronicles of Israfel
    Crescent Shield Blood of the Black Owl
    Satariel Pentacle
    Wuthering Heights Malevolent Creation
    The Wonderfools Funeral
    Hell N' Diesel Distorted
    Ride The Sky Mortiis
    Father Befouled Trivium
    Pop Evil Straight Line Stitch
    Manilla Road Virgin Black
    Celestia Bible Of The Devil
    UFOmammut Winterfylleth
    Battleroar Sotajumala
    Caliban Suspyre