Reemer's Throwing Weights Metal Mix
6/14/2011 2:46:01 PM by Frank

A few of us manly guys at Max Metal were recently discussing what music we listen to during a workout...when we decide to workout and not read comics or surf the Net for celebrity nudes. Far-flung correspondent Chris "Reemer" Thomas was kind enough to put together his personal list for everyone. It's fairly modern overall with heavy riff-slabs:

  • ACDC - Thunderstruck
  • Alter Bridge - Metalingus
  • Black Sabbath - War Pigs
  • Disturbed - Droppin Plates
  • Disturbed - Down With the Sickness
  • Drowning Pool - Bodies
  • GNR - Welcome to the Jungle
  • Korn - Coming Undone
  • Marilyn Manson - This is the New Shit
  • Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls
  • Metallica - Blackened
  • Mudvayne - Dig
  • Nine Inch Nails - Closer
  • Pantera - A New Level
  • Pantera - Walk
  • Pantera - I'm Broken
  • Saliva - I Walk Alone
  • Static X - Push It
  • System of a Down - Chop Suey
  • Tool - Sober

  • What do you you listen to for your workouts???

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    Nightwish Children Of Bodom
    Chaingunn Karaboudjan
    Poisonblack Stratovarius
    Deranged Twisted Tower Dire
    Dirty Power Celestial Ode
    Nazareth Sickspeed
    Wizard Manowar
    Powergod Late Nite Romeo
    Led Zeppelin Johnny Lokke
    Ion Vein Endless Time
    Agony Divine Saint
    Iced Earth Inner Rage of Emotion
    Dragonforce Wycked Synn
    Mourning Beloveth King Diamond
    Nordheim Attacker
    DevilDriver Probot
    Dreamaker Fear Factory
    Death Angel Silver Mountain
    Gothic Knights Ebony Ark
    Leash Law Wolf
    U.D.O. Ministry
    Zaius Judas Priest
    Black Zodiac Dragonspoon
    Juggernott Destructor
    Acrid Therion
    Insomnium Scorpions
    Joey Belladonna After Forever
    Rhapsody of Fire Beaten Back To Pure
    Polterchrist Marshall Law
    Jamie. St. James Incantation
    Haunted By Angels Agnostic Front
    Karmakanic Tristania
    Betrayer Scenteria
    Motley Crue Emerald Sun
    Helgrind The Mighty Nimbus
    Kings X Lost Soul
    Requiem Aeternam Heartcry
    Hellfire John Sykes
    Wolverine Oathean
    Novembers Doom Pure Inc
    Soul SirkUS Slumber
    Defleshed Python
    Graveworm Brand New Sin
    Communic Darkane
    Subterranean Masquerade Dark Funeral
    Supagroup Gemini 5
    Gaia The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
    Alice Cooper Widow
    Dragonia Armored Saint
    Blood Thirsty Demons ASG
    1349 Third Degree
    Ghost Machinery Wolfmother
    Mastermind Zero Down
    Gorefest Dismember
    Nocturnal Rites Taunusheim
    Nobody's Fool Thryfing
    Witchery Across Tundras
    Katatonia Intronaut
    286 Fields Of The Nephilim
    Hell-Born Scum
    The Berzerker Dissection
    Valhalla Phoenix Mourning
    The Smashup Pyramaze
    Cavalar Unsilent Phenomenon
    She Said Destroy Dendura
    Sahg Hurt
    Zero Hour Setherial
    Myon Semargl
    Rotting Christ Panzerchrist
    Demise Deicide
    Lecherous Nocturne Urkraft
    Warmachine Terry Sullivan
    Almah Satariel
    Blut Aus Nord Malevolent Creation
    The Wonderfools Fight
    Spheric Universe Experience Shining Star
    The Obsessed Manilla Road
    To-Mera Puscifer
    Bullet For My Valentine Medieval Steel
    Bible Of The Devil Iron Fire
    Place Of Skulls Wolfgate
    Ihsahn My Dying Bride
    Sister Sin