Eric's Top 5 Influential Members of Swedish Death
6/17/2011 2:06:51 PM by Eric

1. Nicke Anderson - Founding member of Entombed and co-founder of premier Swedish death metal act Nihilist in 1986.

2. Johnny Hedlund - Founding member of Unleashed, one of the first bands signed by Century Media. Co-founder of Nihilist.

3. Peter Tagtgren - Founder of Hypocrisy, went to America to study Floridian death metal in the 80s and took that sound to Sweden.

4. David Blomqvist - Founder of Dismember, early member of Carnage and later a member of Entombed.

5. Dan Swano - Created Edge Of Sanity, ran the Unisound studio, and later played with Bloodbath, Nightingale, Katatonia, etc.

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