Maximum Metal Presents--Saxon Week!
6/27/2011 2:15:00 PM by Eric

To commemorate Saxon's new album "Call To Arms" we are rolling out Saxon Week here at Maximum Metal. The NWOBHM pioneers have released their new album in Europe this month and it marks the band's 19th studio release. It is an amazing record and proves once again that Biff and the boys are getting better as they grow older.

Our week will focus on the new record with an assortment of videos and columns ending with EC's review of the new album on Friday.

To kick off the events here is the video for the band's lead single from "Call To Arms" called--Hammer Of The Gods

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HammerFall Opeth
Slipknot Big Dumb Face
Neck Kataklysm
Skullview Helloween
Majesty Usurper
Ring of Fire Masterplan
Wizard Manowar
Hammerwhore Byfist
Nicta SelfInflicted
Chainsnap Rob Rock
Probot Iron Savior
Neverland F5
Freakhouse Graveland
Donnerkopf Gamma Ray
Metalium Low Earth Orbit
Dimmu Borgir Fabrizio Bonanno
Fireaxe Unearth
Polterchrist Valume Nob
Tartharia Witchburner
The Last Act Napalm Death
Azrael's Bane Crowbar
Helgrind The Apocalyptic Riders
Belef Impaled
Quiet Riot Mechanical Poet
Chuck Schuldiner Diecast
Cemetary Frantic Bleep
Soul SirkUS Swallow The Sun
Thunderblast Embraze
Mirador Sentenced
Horna Thor
Havochate Peccatum
Black Majesty Russell Allen
Shattersphere Vinterriket
Cryogen Gojira
Infliction Define Divine
The Classic Struggle Bronx Casket Company
Gorefest End My Sorrow
Pile of Heads Thryfing
Powerglove Poison
Wolves in the Throne Room Nightmare
The Berzerker Manngard
Ampast Imagika
Athanator The Strongest Proof
Michael Orlando Destruction
She Said Destroy Amon Amarth
Warface From the Grave
Wednesday 13 Death Breath
Battle Bratt Oblomov
Semargl Isis
Lordi Quest of Aidance
Blood Tsunami Fu Manchu
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Cruachan
Grenouer Mendeed
The Prophecy Since the Day
Antigama Retrospective
Kruger Ulcerate
Nation Beyond Fight
Architect Ensiferum
Hell N' Diesel Frosthardr
Spheric Universe Experience Mongrel
Alkemyst I Shalt Become
Cockpit Pop Evil
Manilla Road Iron Fire
UFOmammut Dark Castle