Eric's Top 5 Jani Lane Songs
8/15/2011 5:57:11 AM by Eric

Hard rock lost another war-torn soldier this year in former Warrant vocalist Jani Lane. The talented singer from Ohio was found dead in his hotel room on August 11th. Lane had spent most of his career with Warrant but also fronted Great White on the road and had a few solo ventures including Saints Of The Underground. I remember early last month I was watching the Broadway play "Rock Of Ages" and the song "Heaven" was played and I was thinking it would be great to hear him on record with a good up-and-coming hard rock act. Sadly that never happened and Jani's charismatic vocals and pen are wasted at the age of 47.

EC's Top 5 Jani Lane Songs
5. "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
4. "The Bitter Pill"
3. "Quicksand"
2. "Heaven"
1. "April 2031"

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