Swords, Axes and Breasts?
8/25/2011 11:45:27 AM by Eric

What's better than heavy metal? Try half naked chicks holding really heavy metal things.

Check out Finland's talented digital artist Toxic Angel (www.toxicangel.com). His fantasy artwork has graced album covers from Children Of Bodom to Axenstar. His site has a couple galleries of art to browse and if you are in the market for some media decor certainly give him a shout for design and purchases.

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Grave Carpathian Forest
Karaboudjan Twelfth Gate
Norma Jean Gun Barrel
Dark Moor Dr. Butcher
October 31 Goat Horn
Byfist Sevendust
Chainsnap The Graveyard Boulevard
Morbid Angel Rage
Lanfear Probot
Deivos Iron Savior
Dreamaker Tesla
Gothic Knights Funerus
Madison Paige Icon And The Black Roses
Edge Of Forever Low Earth Orbit
Iron Angel Dragonspoon
Dream Evil Imp
Psychotron Aina
Theocracy Megadeth
The Project Hate Silent Force
The Last Act Negative Creeps
Jackyl Betrayer
Sonata Arctica Mercenary
Paradise Lost Bloody Sign
Divine Fire Yyrkoon
Strikelight Antares
Severe Torture God Fear None
Debris Inc. Holy Moses
Thunderblast Ignitor
Impiety Manntis
Goddess Of Desire Unchained
Kult ov Azazel Secrets She Kept
Evemaster Gemini 5
Love Forsaken Holy Blood
Iron Maidens Scar Symmetry
Octavia Sperati V:28
Pagan's Mind Eternal Reign
Armored Saint Barcode
Twilight Spellbound
Overmars Ram-Zet
Define Divine Skullshifter
Zero Down Dogs Of Winter
Machina Early Man
Sodom Second Shadow
Southern Black Sand Powerglove
Tandjent Scum
Tris Katone Valhalla
Vore Ampast
Dream Or Nightmare Speed/Kill/Hate
Bludgeon The Strongest Proof
Smohalla Destruction
The Finals Wastefall
Rotting Christ Venom
Escape The Fate Dream Theater
Lord Belial Old Man's Child
Cruachan Marc Sasso
Chrome Division Gotthard
Pentacle Nominon
Manes Transmission 0
Kruger Funeral
Faith And Fire Pathosray
Distorted Dantesco
The Obsessed Straight Line Stitch
Moonshine Deadsea
Eighteen Wheels Burning Raven