New Road Report: Grave, Blood Red Throne, Pathology, Gigan and More
10/7/2011 2:19:19 PM by Etiam

The first proper Swedish death metal set I ever saw was performed by Grave in 2006, supporting Dismember on a two-week Stateside tour. They were a trio at the time and fit just right onto the cozy stage of The Abbey on Chicago's north side. Their performance fulfilled every expectation, and when Dismember followed as quintet, they felt effusive, even superfluous in comparison. Headliners they may have been, but it was Grave's stern presence that left the strongest impression. Five years later, Grave has returned to Chicago on a headlining tour of their own, this time at the larger venue of Reggie's Rock Club, and it was only proper that I make another pilgrimage to meet them...

Link: Full Road Report

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