New Road Report: Grave, Blood Red Throne, Pathology, Gigan and More
10/7/2011 2:19:19 PM by Etiam

The first proper Swedish death metal set I ever saw was performed by Grave in 2006, supporting Dismember on a two-week Stateside tour. They were a trio at the time and fit just right onto the cozy stage of The Abbey on Chicago's north side. Their performance fulfilled every expectation, and when Dismember followed as quintet, they felt effusive, even superfluous in comparison. Headliners they may have been, but it was Grave's stern presence that left the strongest impression. Five years later, Grave has returned to Chicago on a headlining tour of their own, this time at the larger venue of Reggie's Rock Club, and it was only proper that I make another pilgrimage to meet them...

Link: Full Road Report

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Leng Tch'e Loudness
Mudvayne Children Of Bodom
White Skull Misery Index
Regurgitate Impellitteri
December Machine Head
Kalibas Overkill
Ring of Fire Widowmaker
Firewind Wizard
Manowar Power of Omens
Black Label Society Conquest
The Chainsaw Goat Horn
Saint Inner Rage of Emotion
Biomechanical Godiva
Bloodbath Sevendust
Thunderbolt Chainsnap
Victory Lanfear
Dream Weaver Nordheim
Halloween Attacker
Probot Hard Echo
Tesla Volbeat
Node Silver Mountain
Funerus Jaw
Bleeding Inc Wolf
Edge Of Forever Low Earth Orbit
Marillion Lonewolf
Zaius Black Zodiac
Cyst Dimmu Borgir
De Lirium's Order Krokus
Dream Evil Potential Threat SF
Katagory V Valume Nob
Acheron Blind Guardian
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Rush
Mercenary Legion
Scenteria Gods Of Fire
Helgrind The New Breed
The Mighty Nimbus Blood Red Throne
Impaled Korpiklaani
Strikelight Hellfire
Mechanical Poet Desire Black
Apocalyptica Mystic Prophecy
Freedom Call Boomerang
Lord Gore Holy Moses
Kryoburn Operatika
Shade Empire Green Carnation
Groundcrew Sothis
Graveworm Brand New Sin
Slough Feg Goddess Of Desire
Ritual Killer Cannon
Morgana Lefay Clutch
Scar Symmetry To The Bone
Dragonia Russell Allen
Overloaded Sun O)))
Running Wild Savage Circus
Dechrist Dreamland
Overmars Avulsed
Asrai Define Divine
Celebratum Motorhead
Virgin Steele Nocturnal Rites
Absu Insense
Nobody's Fool Fallen Wisdom
Across Tundras Powerglove
Ephel Duath Steep
Tris Katone Clawfinger
Moonspell Silver Dirt
Cataract Candlemass
Speed/Kill/Hate Gorgoroth
Unsilent Phenomenon Vengeance
Destruction Scary Manilow
Time Requiem Warface
Fleshgore Thy Majestie
Isis Eyes of Ligeia
Cult of Daath Lupara
Celtic Frost Steve Cone
In This Moment Cattle Decapitation
White Wizzard Tears
Transmission 0 Glorior Belli
Hearse Depressed Mode
Keldian Diamond Dogs
Trivium Blood Haven
Manilla Road Bullet For My Valentine
Uriah Heep Bible Of The Devil
Nasty Idols My Dying Bride
DC4 Raven