Erics's Select Horror Video Playlist!
10/31/2011 1:37:21 PM by Eric

It is the season of the witch once again and what better way to roll in the pumpkins than our very own metal celebration. We are looking at some horror-themed videos this Halloween and sharing some metal wealth with the wicked witches and horned devils out there. Here are a few videos you can add to your playlist this season:

Alice Cooper - "He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
EC - I remember seeing this video air on MTV back in the day. My parents at the time did not allow me to see any R rated flicks in the theater so the footage in the video was about the only thing I really had on this film until a laser disc rental in the early 90s. This was on the soundtrack for "Friday The 13th: Jason Lives (Part 6)".

Laaz Rockit - "Leatherface"
EC - Again I remember this video back in the day. This was from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3: Leatherface" and at the time this movie was rated "X". It never made it to my hometown but I did get it upon its first day on VHS. I remember watching it with my mom on Halloween in 1990 I believe. We had pizza and a horror movie and she was absolutely shocked at the on screen carnage. This was a cool song and is on the soundtrack along with Death Angel and a few other bands.

Megadeth - "Go To Hell"
EC - I always thought this was a really eerie video. It was featured on the "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" soundtrack. The visuals of Satan and Mustaine face down in the water was always disturbing to me.

Megadeth's - "Night Of The Living Megadeth"
Part 1 - Part 2

EC - I remember watching this live (believe it was taped) on MTV when it premiered. This was just a few days before "Youthanasia" came out and me and a few friends were absolutely ecstatic to hear the new songs. They talked about the new album a lot during this special but they played "Tout Le Monde", "Victory", "Reckoning Day" and then at the very end they debuted the video for "Train Of Consequences". Total of one hour and I think it was either on Halloween or a day or so before or after. I have this on VHS somewhere in my life.

W.A.S.P - "Scream Until You Like It"
EC - I really don't remember this song from the movie. I think this one went under the radar when I originally saw "Ghoulies 2". I remember watching the movie on the USA network in the late 80s or early 90s and there was a scene of a teen running through the forest and I can remember the music from W.A.S.P. I haven't watched the movie since but this song was always a great track from the band.

Dokken - "Dream Warriors"
EC - This one is probably the most easily recognized soundtrack song of the 80s. Who can forget George's wicked skull guitar? This is from "Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors" and my favorite Dokken song ever.

Brother Cane - "And Fools Shine On"
EC - I am pretty sure this one is a bootleg video. Brother Cane has a professional promo video for "And Fools Shine On" but I just remember somewhere in the 90s seeing this version of their song on VHS or MTV. This was the song featured in the "Halloween: Curse Of Michael Myers" film and to this day I still play this song on Halloween. I am such a fan of these movies and I remember seeing that film on opening day and hearing the song in the movie. Good Alice In Chains ripoff kinda song.

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