Where Are You Ted Bullett?
11/4/2011 12:30:33 PM by Eric

Who could forget Ted Bullett, the charismatic raspy voiced wailer that fronted Thunderhead? His vocal delivery proved to be a unique calling, blending his American voice to some of Germany's best laid hard rock. With his cocky edge and vocal range Bullet was a good mixture of Krokus' Marc Storace and David Lee Roth's arrogant flamboyance, combining a flair for the rough and tumble mean streets while still soaring with a vocal range that could please the 80s arena rock crowd.

So where are you Ted Bullet? It has been almost 13 years since we've heard your voice. Sweden is exploding with hard rock, the Germans and Swiss crowds are on rock riot; even the US is breaking the scene with up and coming glam rockers. What a great time for Bullet to return to rock glory! Bullet...bullet....BULLET!

Where Are You Ted Bullet?

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