Top Staff Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Cover Songs!
11/18/2011 2:49:14 PM by Frank

Some people are purists who prefer that original compositions stay as they are, but we're open to different artistic interpretations of even the most classic songs. These are the ones that our staff currently likes. Check them out and let us know yours!

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· LA Guns· Nightwish
· Steel Prophet· Tiamat
· Disturbed· Rebellion
· Narziß· Celestial Ode
· Mark Boals· Sick Speed
· Wizard· Dr. Butcher
· Pyn Siren· Pelican
· Brainstorm· Evolution
· Catch 22· SelfInflicted
· Fireball Ministry· Chainsnap
· Victory· Assrockers
· Sludge!· Beautiful Creatures
· Axenstar· Duke
· Thunderstone· Lacuna Coil
· Dreamaker· Devil To Pay
· Leash Law· Ministry
· Black Zodiac· Estuary
· Juggernott· Devil In The Kitchen
· Joey Belladonna· Final Dawn
· Lullacry· Age Of Silence
· Valume Nob· Dark Ruin
· The Lizards· Jackyl
· Karmakanic· Mercenary
· Helgrind· Ligeia
· Lost Soul· Astral Doors
· Soulscar· Carina Alfie
· Chuck Schuldiner· Omegalord
· Bruce Dickinson· Axis Of Perdition
· Thunderblast· Gizmachi
· Callenish Circle· Grand Magus
· Communic· Kult ov Azazel
· Killing Spree· Havochate
· Warchild· Painmuseum
· Eternal Reign· 1349
· Ghost Machinery· Thrones
· Mistress· Define Divine
· Midnight Idols· The Classic Struggle
· Dogs Of Winter· Khold
· Vanquished· End of Level Boss
· From This Day· Nobody's Fool
· Second Shadow· Sepultura
· Naked Beggars· Ephel Duath
· Codeon· Tris Katone
· The Sword· Sun Descends
· Dawn of Azazel· Gorgoroth
· Unsilent Phenomenon· Hydrogyn
· Fleshgore· Abominant
· Anata· Teeth of the Hydra
· Audrey Horne· Quest of Aidance
· Steve Cone· Warmachine
· Battered· Static-X
· Lord Belial· Crescent Shield
· Dezperadoz· Cattle Decapitation
· White Wizzard· Spit Like This
· Rob Zombie· Blut Aus Nord
· Kruger· Faith And Fire
· Sworn Enemy· Echoes of Eternity
· Hell N' Diesel· Spheric Universe Experience
· Heresi· Alkemyst
· Bilocate· Trivium
· Burzum· Armory
· Virgin Black· Trinacria
· Ihsahn· Nasty Idols