Top Staff Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Cover Songs!
11/18/2011 2:49:14 PM by Frank

Some people are purists who prefer that original compositions stay as they are, but we're open to different artistic interpretations of even the most classic songs. These are the ones that our staff currently likes. Check them out and let us know yours!

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Cave In HammerFall
In Flames Into Eternity
Loudness Immolation
Tiamat Exmortem
Twisted Tower Dire Overkill
Majesty Rawhead Rexx
Dark Moor Carnal Forge
Cage Alchemy X
The Chainsaw Evolution
Thunderbolt Wycked Synn
Runemagick Rage
Axenstar Tad Morose
Edguy Project: Failing Flesh
Fear Factory Three Inches of Blood
I Hate Sally Devil To Pay
Jaw Bang The Union
Freakhouse Epica
Graveland Marillion
Lonewolf Black Zodiac
Metal Church Age Of Silence
Z02 Jungle Rot
Mine Ironhorse
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Hanzel Und Gretyl
Creed Milkweed
Helgrind Corrosion Of Conformity
Hellfueled Kamelot
Labyrinth Astral Doors
Vicious Circle Mystic Prophecy
Darkthrone Crimson Moonlight
Cemetary Strapping Young Lad
Thunderblast Raintime
Rudra Darkane
Dark Funeral Dynamic Lights
Gemini 5 Ritual Killer
Thor Widow
Blitzkrieg Warchild
Octavia Sperati Future is Tomorrow
Peccatum Illuminatus
Pagan's Mind ASG
Barcode Twilight
Running Wild Define Divine
Torture Killer Nocturnal Rites
Machina End of Level Boss
Pile of Heads The Ocean
Warrant (Amer) Cavalar
I Belphegor
Battle Bratt Wastefall
Teeth of the Hydra Biolich
Starkweather Quest of Aidance
Handful of Hate Phazm
Twisted Into Form The Gathering
Hardcore Superstar Warbringer
Manticore Lord Belial
Textures Pentacle
Antigama Retrospective
Keldian Frosthardr
Straight Line Stitch Burzum
To-Mera Kreator
Hacksaw Surgery Bible Of The Devil
Alestorm Deadsea
Eighteen Wheels Burning Caliban