New Interview with Devin Townsend!
11/22/2011 8:20:32 PM by Frank

The end result of any experimentation that I do...I trust myself now. I know I'm not going to do a bunch of stupid shit. Well, I'm always going to do stupid shit, but the things I may have been tempted to do in the past—even though there's still temptation—I have no doubt that I'll make the right decision when the time comes. Making these four records was almost an exercise for me of learning to forgive and consequently trust my instincts. In the past, in trusting my instincts when I was drunk or high or whatever, I made a series of really stupid mistakes. At the time, I was like, 'Oh, no, that was some mechanism in you. It's got nothing to do with your activities, you're just a bad person.' And once you get rid of those things, you're like, 'Nah, you're not a bad person; you're just high and being an idiot,' right?

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