New Gallery Pics--In Flames, Trivium, and Veil of Maya
2/17/2012 4:30:40 PM by Frank

"I'm a big fan of In Flames and Trivium--they always put on a great show; Veil of Maya was a first for me and they rocked it. Usually, I bail outside and sift through pix after shooting a support band but VOM were so much fun to watch that I stuck around..." --Debbie

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Cathedral Cave In
Mudvayne Scanner
Opeth Sinner
Chaingunn Twilight Odyssey
Exmortem Impellitteri
Skullview Seven Witches
Godsmack Seether
Godflesh Legend
Crematorium Power of Omens
Carnal Forge Goat Horn
Evolution Shakra
Godiva Lanfear
Sludge! Silent Scythe
Murdercycle Deivos
Doro Dew Scented
Royal Anguish Three Inches of Blood
Force Of Evil Shiva
Drowning Pool Leash Law
Outworld Low Earth Orbit
Jorn Lonewolf
Spiral Madness House of Lords
Fabrizio Bonanno Schenker/ Pattison Summit
Insomnium Vox Tempus
After Forever Metal Church
Tearabyte Nashville Pussy
Scavenger Jungle Rot
Conquestador The 7 Method
Cryme Dark Tranquillity
Bloody Sign Gods Of Fire
Miles Beyond Crionics
Soilwork Shatterpoint
Ravensthorn Mystic Prophecy
the missing: Diecast
Chaoswave Alex Skolnick Trio
Bleed The Sky Axis Of Perdition
Drunkard Soul SirkUS
Fire Alley Neil Turbin
Burden Of Grief Raging Speedhorn
Agents Of Man Mirador
Python Sothis
God Among Insects Ektomorf
Darkane Unchained
Horna Killing Spree
Alice Cooper Blitzkrieg
Flotsam & Jetsam The Scourger
Nuclear Assault Octavia Sperati
Loits Eternal Reign
Evergrey Forever Slave
Barcode Running Wild
Savage Circus Arthemis
Even X Vile
Chain Collector Mastermind
Midnight Idols Dismember
Beecher Decapitated
Grimfist Brother Hawk
Mental Care Foundation Thryfing
Witchery Naked Beggars
Lair Of The Minotaur Wolves in the Throne Room
Clawfinger Moonspell
Valhalla Dream Or Nightmare
Speed/Kill/Hate Hate Profile
The Strongest Proof Non-Human Level
Azure Space Odyssey
Sahg Pump
Amputated Panzerchrist
Darkness Eternal Quest of Aidance
Phazm Diagnose: Lebensgefahr
Hardcore Superstar Southern Gentleman
Threat Signal Throne of Katarsis
Warbringer Necrophobic
Dezperadoz Nagelfar
Trouble Pantera
Textures Retrospective
Kruger Hearse
Himsa Ride The Sky
Gutted With Broken Glass Jesus Martyr
Aetherius Obscuritas Witchfinder General
Burzum To-Mera
Armory Equilibrium
Trinacria The More I See
UFOmammut Papa Roach
Something Beautiful My Dying Bride
Earthen Grave