New Gallery Pics--In Flames, Trivium, and Veil of Maya
2/17/2012 4:30:40 PM by Frank

"I'm a big fan of In Flames and Trivium--they always put on a great show; Veil of Maya was a first for me and they rocked it. Usually, I bail outside and sift through pix after shooting a support band but VOM were so much fun to watch that I stuck around..." --Debbie

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In Flames Sinner
The Haunted Children Of Bodom
BloodDuster Karaboudjan
Dokken Deceased
Machine Head Nazareth
Godflesh Iron Maiden
Legend Wizard
Johnny Lokke Evolution
Paragon Dragonforce
Thunderbolt Artension
Curriculum Mortis Kilfast
Rage Assrockers
Nordheim Stryper
Guardians Of Time Windseeker
Halloween Pharaoh
Brides of Destruction Doro
Hard Echo Node
Drowning Pool Superchrist
Gothic Knights Celesty
Ebony Ark Freakhouse
Bleeding Inc Kingcrow
Icon And The Black Roses Jorn
Dragonspoon Bonfire
Skeletonwitch Saxon
Lullacry Division
Annihilator Internal Bleeding
Tartharia The Project Hate
The Last Act Acheron
Anger Behemoth
Tsjuder Karmakanic
Dark Tranquillity Scenteria
Emerald Sun Lost Soul
Crionics Kamelot
Dirt Yyrkoon
Icarus Witch Carina Alfie
Backyard Babies the missing:
Crimson Moonlight Stormwarrior
Marduk Bleed The Sky
Omegalord Meshuggah
Thunderblast Slumber
Biss Disbelief
Groundcrew Defleshed
Sothis Slough Feg
Taake Dam
Wetwork Havochate
Agents Of The Sun Nuclear Assault
Loits Pagan's Mind
ASG Barcode
Mabon Avenged Sevenfold
The Absence Ghost Machinery
Phantom X Asrai
Sinocence Bronx Casket Company
Dogs Of Winter Motorhead
Sodom Enforsaken
Pile of Heads Across Tundras
Cardinale Beyond Fear
Scum Degree Absolute
Vreid Imagika
Nicodemus Bludgeon
TK-421 Unsilent Phenomenon
She Said Destroy Dendura
War Within Sahg
Ynis Vitrin Mouth of the Architect
Woodtemple Wednesday 13
The Finals Battle Bratt
Biolich Venom
Lordi Escape The Fate
Cheva Celtic Frost
Centinex Dream Theater
Lord Belial Chrome Division
Five Finger Death Punch Pentacle
Denial Fiend Trenchfoot
Malevolent Creation Throneum
The Wonderfools Faith And Fire
Randy Ellefson Sworn Enemy
Echoes of Eternity Distorted
Glenn Hughes Pop Evil
Kreator Equilibrium
Uriah Heep Cursed
Caliban Giant Squid