New Interview with Tommy Victor of Prong!
4/6/2012 2:33:21 PM by Frank

Prong. The name is a trifecta of images. Groundbreaking metal. Huge success. And last but not least Tommy Victor, founding member and the human musical synonym for the band.

Blasting onto the scene in 1986, Prong quickly attracted the attention of Epic Records after the release of Primitive Origins and Force Fed. Signed to a major record deal just 3 years after forming, Prong disbanded just eleven years later after the Rude Awakening tour. Reforming in 2002, they have now released a new cd, "Carved Into Stone" and are set to tour the United States.

I had a chance to talk with the man that icons like Trent Reznor and Korn's Jonathan Davis cite as a major influence to their musical style and bands like Danzig and Ministry have tapped as a guitarist and bassist. Lead singer, bassist, guitarist, front man, lyricist and vocalist- Victor has been all over the melodic monopoly board, and managed to land back square center. Luckily we were there to bend his ear and learn that if "you want the good life, you break your back you snap your fingers, you snap your neck."

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