In the Future...Could We See Ronnie James Dio Onstage Again?
4/17/2012 3:03:21 PM by Frank

People are buzzing online about a TuPac "holographic" performance at Coachella 2012 [link]. While watching the video below of a 3D dragon, I was taken back to the old days of Ronnie James Dio fighting his own inflatable dragons onstage in the 80s. Then I realized that with this technology, we could all very well see RJD in concert again. Assuming I have the correct idea, we could see anybody from any decently recorded concert era.

As technology gets cheaper and spreads to the general populace, we could all have holo-players with files of shows to project. Some day in future, long after the band has retired, Iron Maiden's "Live After Death" performance could be a virtual simulcast in theaters across the world. We may all have concerts on file and be able to click a remote to see Jimi Hendrix live or Led Zeppelin circa '72 performing in our own backyards. KISS could play your birthday party.

Dio, and us with him, could be killing dragons again soon enough.

"100 feet of Musion holographic foil assembled in the San Diego Convention Center allowed AV Concepts to create a life size dragon hologram to interact with live performers. The holographic projection system is a unique, dynamic approach to delivering 3-dimensional holographic effects to new media content."

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