25 Years Ago--Staff Top 10 Albums of 1987!
5/25/2012 2:37:16 PM by Frank

"History was in the making and my generation could feel the fire and desire in the air and on the airwaves. We held our breath hoping this would trap that year in a paradox gasping for oxygen and still blowing the winds of rock across America forever. In that moment, we immortalized 1987 as not only a year in time, but also as a year that will always be considered by many as "back in the day" in our hearts and memories. God bless 1987 and all those fortunate enough to have lived and survived and continue to regard it as the best of the best 25 years later." --Jonah

Staff Top 10 Albums of 1987: [Column Link]

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HammerFall Steel Prophet
Vicious Mary Chaingunn
Tiamat Rebellion
Regurgitate Kataklysm
Gun Barrel Circle II Circle
Vaginal Carnage Iron Maiden
Liege Lord Sick Speed
Manowar Late Nite Romeo
Valley's Eve H.I.M.
Goat Horn Ion Vein
Evolution Black Sabbath
SelfInflicted Biomechanical
Mourning Beloveth Evanesce
Silent Scythe Halloween
Pink Cream 69 Mother Misery
Volbeat Force Of Evil
Cryonic Temple Ebony Ark
Evanescence Hatework
Juggernott Fireaxe
Goatsnake Rhapsody of Fire
Psychotron Dark Age
Z02 The Project Hate
Mirror of Deception Anger
Napalm Death Scenteria
Ligeia The Apocalyptic Riders
Crionics Maze Of Torment
Korpiklaani Tarot
Desire Black Apocalyptica
Antares Stormwarrior
Bruce Dickinson Fire Alley
Strapping Young Lad System Of A Down
Biss Naglfar
God Among Insects Brand New Sin
Kult ov Azazel Secrets She Kept
Nightvision The Scourger
Nuclear Assault Painmuseum
Bolt Thrower The Firstborn
Twilight Savage Circus
Vinterriket The Absence
Damnation Dechrist
Crystal Ball Doomfoxx
Ram-Zet Wolfmother
Midnight Idols Victory
Detonation Taunusheim
Insense Fallen Wisdom
Upwards of Endtime Daylight Dies
Hell-Born The Ocean
Nicodemus Dreams of Damnation
Psycroptic Fleshgore
Pretty Maids Pump
Anata Setherial
Battle Bratt Mastodon
Eighteen Visions Lordi
E-lane Audrey Horne
Starkweather Phazm
Mindgrinder The Chronicles of Israfel
Crescent Shield Nagelfar
Marc Sasso White Wizzard
Satariel Five Finger Death Punch
Rob Zombie Ulcerate
David Galas JR Ewing
Hearse Depressed Mode
Mongrel Gutted With Broken Glass
Deceiver Jesus Martyr
Vulture Industries Equilibrium
Medieval Steel Eighteen Wheels Burning