The Necrofile Column Returns!
6/16/2012 6:27:46 PM by Eric

Praise to my fellow writers who have loaded up on road reports, interviews and reviews! It has been many moons since my last running commentary on all things denim and leather. I am finally breaking out the Necrofile column again to spice things up with some social commentary.

Recently, I was listening to the Corpsecast Podcast and they were touching on a really interesting subject. It was about whether or not you like messages in your music. They both agreed that they would like separation from entertainment and reality, not outright saying it but hinting that they would rather have music as just simply that; something to enjoy without much thought or need for speculation. They asked some of the same questions that I'm alluding to here--Are you okay if Glenn Benton of Deicide rams Satan down your throat for a whole album? Do you want Dave Mustaine's spill on the current state of affairs in the Middle East? Are you cool with bands like War Of Ages giving you bible verses and a chance for salvation through music?

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