Greg's Top 10 Queensryche Songs
6/22/2012 1:22:04 PM by Frank

It's been announced on news sites that Geoff Tate and Queenryche have split with the other members taking on the Queensryche name after having previously started a side band named Rising West with Crimson Glory singer Todd La Torre.

Positions on it here at MM have ranged from "they should change their name cause Tate is QRyche" to "can't wait to hear new QR going metal" to "Tate can take his indy solo albums and get the fuck out".

Whatever happens, they were what they were and they will be what they will be. We're anxious to see what happens.

Greg's Top 10 Queensryche Songs:
1. Roads to Madness
2. Della Brown
3. Eyes of a Stranger
4. Screaming in Digital
5. Queen of the Reich
6. The Mission
7. Neue Regel
8. The Lady Wore Black
9. Before the Storm
10. The Chase

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LA Guns Opeth
Slipknot The Great Deceiver
Grave Digger Deceased
Regurgitate Anthrax
Cradle of Filth Deranged
Dirty Power Overkill
Warhorse Mark Boals
Fozzy Mortician
Widowmaker Manowar
Powergod Circle of Nero
Evolution Inner Rage of Emotion
Fireball Ministry Dragonforce
Sevendust Runemagick
Kilfast Mourning Beloveth
Vhaldemar Silent Scythe
Deivos Three Inches of Blood
Volbeat Soil
Drowning Pool Superchrist
Celesty Wolf
Amityville Whore Edge Of Forever
Nova Lex Jorn
Lonewolf Cyst
Fireaxe Ungodly
Medusa Nashville Pussy
Polterchrist Marshall Law
Necrodemon Jungle Rot
GWAR Throcult
Conquestador Within Temptation
The Lizards Overlorde
Trans-Siberian Orchestra The 7 Method
Avenue F Cryme
Rush Creed
Triumph Scenteria
Kings X Lost Soul
Sabaton Strikelight
Antares Severe Torture
Frantic Bleep Gizmachi
Impiety Def Leppard
Biss Raging Speedhorn
Agents Of Man Mirador
Python Amorphis
Vicious Art Maximum Overdrive
Testament Sentenced
Horna Gaia
Clutch Iron Maidens
The Scourger Warchild
Painmuseum Pagan's Mind
Orphaned Land Monster Magnet
Russell Allen Violent Storm
Bolt Thrower Algol3
The Absence Even X
Wolfmother Avulsed
Chain Collector Bronx Casket Company
God Forbid Torture Killer
Gorefest Hate
Absolution Absu
Decapitated Thryfing
Sepultura Naked Beggars
Thyrane The Berzerker
Boris Nicodemus
Michael Orlando Smohalla
She Said Destroy Nachtmystium
Amon Amarth Wednesday 13
Abominant Rotting Christ
Satyricon Lesbian Bed Death
Cheva Deicide
Phazm Fu Manchu
Stonegard With Passion
Throne of Katarsis Zyklon
White Willow Satariel
Five Finger Death Punch Hacride
Spit Like This Tears
David Galas Frosthardr
Heresi Distorted
Bilocate Deceiver
Trivium Burzum
Kreator Godhead
Souls Of We Virgin Black
Sin Wolfgate
Sotajumala Sister Sin
Earthen Grave