New Maximum Metal Instagram Account!
7/2/2012 1:37:13 PM by Frank

In addition to our other social forays, we now have a personal INSTAGRAM account setup for Maximum Metal.

For those who aren't familiar with it, Instagram is a free, social, photo-sharing ap for cell phones (certain websites can be used for browser viewing).  Our intent is to post concert pics and other metal-related shenanigans.

We've started off with some photographs of Opeth, In Flames, Trivium, and Katatonia. We'll also be padding it out with some of the older pics from our Gallery section.

Look for some great live pics from the current Iron Maiden and Iced Earth tours soon!

Our instagram username: maximummetal
Browser link: http://www.gramfeed.com/maximummetal

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HammerFall Mudvayne
Scanner Opeth
The Great Deceiver Poisonblack
Anthrax Cradle of Filth
Goatwhore December
Vaginal Carnage Steel Attack
Dark Moor Legend
Wizard Manowar
God Dethroned Dr. Butcher
Led Zeppelin Conquest
Endless Time Byfist
Saint Inner Rage of Emotion
Artension The Graveyard Boulevard
Assrockers Savatage
Stalker Slayer
Tesla Mother Misery
Node Cryonic Temple
Construcdead Scala Mercalli
Riot Cans
Donnerkopf Gamma Ray
Highlord Velvet Revolver
Marillion Dragonspoon
Brutal Mastication Schenker/ Pattison Summit
Devil In The Kitchen Ungodly
Goatsnake Imp
Shadows Fall Dio
Wintersun Beaten Back To Pure
Tearabyte Lullacry
Unearth Katagory V
Division Scavenger
Jamie. St. James Tartharia
Dark Tranquillity Milkweed
Motley Crue Bloody Sign
Cradle To Grave The New Breed
Kings X Veni Domine
Necrophagia Vicious Circle
Tarot Suidakra
Icarus Witch Carina Alfie
Cemetary Severe Torture
Bruce Dickinson Frantic Bleep
Magica Axel Rudi Pell
Kinrick Swallow The Sun
Strapping Young Lad Grand Magus
Ivory Knight Biss
Astarte Mirador
Unchained Kult ov Azazel
Sebastian Bach Frameless Scar
Resurrecturis Wetwork
Holy Blood Iron Maidens
A Lower Deep Black Majesty
Vinterriket The Absence
Doomfoxx Overmars
Urizen Chain Collector
Hate Machina
Insense Naked Beggars
Cardinale 286
Event Horizon Viron
Pyramaze Down Factor
Dream Or Nightmare 8th Sin
Upon Infliction Gorgoroth
Vengeance Bloodbound
Space Odyssey Nachtmystium
Sahg Skid Row
Vicious Rumors Skyforger
Hurt Enochian Crescent
Wastefall Thy Majestie
Escape The Fate The Showdown
Darkness Eternal Middian
Better Left Unsaid Kotipelto
Gaza Onslaught
Static-X Crescent Shield
Nagelfar White Wizzard
Trouble Transmission 0
Retrospective Ensiferum
Hell N' Diesel Frosthardr
Heresi Shining Star
Rosetta Ost Est Ima
Jesus Martyr SOS
Puscifer Kreator
Embalming Theatre Celestia
Ihsahn Sister Sin
Earthen Grave