R.I.P. Jon Lord
7/16/2012 2:23:54 PM by Frank

June 9 1941 July 16 2012

We at Maximum Metal salute you for your contribution to hard rock and music in general. Thanks for the badassery, Sir.

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Scanner Grave
Chaingunn Mondo Generator
Disturbed Neck
Stratovarius Commit Suicide
Kalibas Nazareth
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Led Zeppelin
Nicta Shakra
Mnemic Attacker
Deivos Fairyland
Soil Death Angel
Killik Cryonic Temple
Riot Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Bleeding Inc W.A.S.P.
Skyfire Black Zodiac
Hatework Fabrizio Bonanno
Insomnium Goatsnake
Dio Nashville Pussy
Scavenger Slowlife
Neurosis Six Feet Under
Haunted By Angels Within Temptation
Anger Twisted Sister
Creed John Oliva's Pain
Image Blood Red Throne
Kamelot Requiem Aeternam
Necrophagia Shatterpoint
Hellfire Icarus Witch
the missing: Marduk
Chastain Operatika
Gizmachi Impiety
Pro-Pain Maximum Overdrive
Subterranean Masquerade Testament
Unchained Taake
Dynamic Lights Nuse
Monolithe Dam
Killing Spree Wetwork
A Lower Deep Peccatum
Illuminatus Eternal Reign
Dragonia Violent Storm
Sun O))) Crystal Ball
Spellbound Cryogen
Mastermind Nocturnal Rites
From This Day Witchery
Katatonia Tandjent
Ephel Duath 286
Nikki Puppet Fields Of The Nephilim
The Smackdown Vreid
Speed/Kill/Hate 8th Sin
Gorgoroth Bloodbound
She Said Destroy Dendura
War Within From the Grave
Mouth of the Architect Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
Battle Bratt E-lane
Audrey Horne Escape The Fate
Panzerchrist Lecherous Nocturne
Warmachine Stonegard
Threat Signal Terry Sullivan
Throne of Katarsis Dream Theater
Warbringer The Chronicles of Israfel
Old Man's Child Grenouer
Blood of the Black Owl Divine Empire
Wuthering Heights Last Stone Cast
Godhead Cursed
Papa Roach Wolfgate
Raven Uli Jon Roth