R.I.P. Jon Lord
7/16/2012 2:23:54 PM by Frank

June 9 1941 July 16 2012

We at Maximum Metal salute you for your contribution to hard rock and music in general. Thanks for the badassery, Sir.

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HammerFall Hate Eternal
Nightwish Slipknot
Twisted Tower Dire Seether
Nazareth Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Legend Black Label Society
Pelican Exawatt
Black Sabbath Iced Earth
Curriculum Mortis Lanfear
Stryper Eidolon
Vhaldemar Silent Scythe
Murdercycle Tesla
Mother Misery Exodus
Riot Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Leash Law Epica
Marillion Acrid
Joe Lynn Turner Mob Rules
Unleashed Meliah Rage
Metal Church Rhapsody of Fire
Katagory V Arch Enemy
Silent Force Fifth Cross
Of Infinity The New Breed
The Mighty Nimbus Miles Beyond
Blood Red Throne Veni Domine
Nevermore Ravensthorn
Pure Inc Axel Rudi Pell
Soul SirkUS Chastain
Debris Inc. Kinrick
Raging Speedhorn Python
Communic Nuse
Supagroup Leaves Eyes
Sheavy Agents Of The Sun
To The Bone Lake Of Tears
Redemption V:28
Black Majesty Before The Dawn
Dirty Americans Thrones
Even X Akercocke
Doomfoxx Vile
Dragonlord Zero Down
Nocturnal Rites Absolution
From This Day Brother Hawk
Poison Nikki Puppet
Beyond Fear Daylight Dies
Clawfinger Degree Absolute
Leviathan/Sapthuran Cavalar
Dream Or Nightmare Black Crucifixion
Spawn of Possession Smohalla
Azure Hydrogyn
Time Requiem Shadows Within
The Abominable Iron Sloth The Showdown
Necrophobic Nagelfar
Pentacle Antigama
Aborted Warner Drive
Fight Architect
Depressed Mode Temple Of Blood
Ensiferum Destynation
Diamond Dogs Heresi
Distorted Ride The Sky
The Obsessed Trivium
To-Mera Moonshine
Souls Of We Virgin Black
Bible Of The Devil Alestorm