A Child's Perspective on Van Halen: An Accidental Interview
8/24/2012 2:52:26 PM by Jonah Haze

We happenstanced upon a trio of lil local beach boys, two brothers, 10 and 11 with a buddy 10 years old. After a visual lock on one of them sporting a Van Halen 2012 tour shirt and with the jungle produced clicking sound of the Predator I baited the little Spicoli's attention. For purposes of anonymity and the fact I don't remember his name, we will now refer to this young-ling as "Junior"...

As I advanced in for the kill he was halfway blinded by the sun so he wasn't sure if I was a Van Halen roadie or a park employee. I jump into interview mode without even putting on the suit.

I was just talkin’ rock with the boys and it never occurred to me that the conversation would go beyond the Big Dipper line, but it did and resonated beyond. I knew I had to write this. Such youth in the wise and wise in the youth moments need to be shared.

Column Link: [Tales From the Jugular #111]

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