New Halloween Interview with the Original Queen of Hell--Ann Boleyn of Hellion!
10/30/2012 3:11:24 PM by Jonah Haze

Ann Boleyn--from mistress of the King to Wife of the King, Mother of a Queen, Sister of another mistress of the King, Courter of Saints and Sinners and Beloved Beheaded Heretic. She screams like only a Hellion could and proudly wears her accusations on her sleeve.

As the original and only Queen of Hell, Ann continues to wade through the bloody bodies in the valleys of death. Never wavering in faith for the better part of four decades now Ann is her own soundtrack to her victories in this world--a world of heavy metal, not hard rock. A world where the ancient Gods still roam the Earth in spiritual link to her so that she may share her vision through her voice.

She is the first of the fallen females and the last of her kind. Here we have the Witch of Witches to give us a piece of her mind. Much thanks to Ann for stretching your legs off the throne!

For our special Halloween interview, Ann discusses past-life regression, her music history, The Runaways, fellow artists Doro and Lita, new Boleyn projects, Ronnie James Dio and lots more...

[Full Interview Link]

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