Eric's 2012 Halloween Playlist!
10/31/2012 3:05:27 PM by Eric

If you wanted something a little different while you're enjoying the night of spooks...

--"Tea For Three Plus One" – Woman In Black Original Soundtrack
--"The End" – 28 Days Later Soundtrack
--"Intro And Main Title" – Phantasm Soundtrack
--"Main Title" – Children Of The Corn Soundtrack
--"Main Title" – Halloween H2O Soundtrack
--"Jesus It’s Everywhere" – Dawn Of The Dead Soundtrack
--"Profondo Rosso" – Deep Red Soundtrack
--"The Graves" – Stephen King’s It"
--"Last Man On Earth" – Alice Cooper
--"Harvest Moon" – Blue Oyster Cult

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Scanner Grave
Vicious Mary Chaingunn
Twilight Odyssey Karaboudjan
Disturbed Solemnity
Neck Deranged
Overkill Majesty
Ravage Masterplan
Powergod Late Nite Romeo
Artension Curriculum Mortis
Runemagick Steel Preacher
Eidolon Windseeker
Drillpoint Attacker
Murdercycle Krisiun
Project: Failing Flesh Out of the Lair
Soul Reaper Dew Scented
Dreamaker Hard Echo
TNA Shiva
Death Angel Yngwie Malmsteen
Drowning Pool Leash Law
Madison Paige Bleeding Inc
Disarmonia Mundi Spiral Madness
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Krokus
Joe Lynn Turner Fireaxe
Chapter VIII Unleashed
Meliah Rage Dio
Occult Lullacry
Internal Bleeding Throcult
Mine Triumph
The Apocalyptic Riders Hellfueled
Kamelot Impaled
Korpiklaani Astral Doors
Suidakra Bruce Dickinson
Lord Gore Swallow The Sun
Callenish Circle Babylon
Grand Magus Embraze
Python God Among Insects
Slough Feg Subterranean Masquerade
Supagroup Ritual Killer
Dam Frameless Scar
Love Forsaken Iron Maidens
A Lower Deep Painmuseum
Mercyful Fate Dirty Americans
Blood Thirsty Demons Ignarus
Casus Belli The Firstborn
Vinterriket Phantom X
Thrones Asrai
Zero Down The Tenth Circle
God Forbid Detonation
Decapitated Brother Hawk
Witchery Southern Black Sand
Ephel Duath Codeon
Daylight Dies Cryptopsy
Moonspell The Smashup
Cataract Bludgeon
Abysmal Dawn Apiary
Non-Human Level Destruction
Hydrogyn Skid Row
Burialmound Hurt
Wednesday 13 Wastefall
Semargl Isis
Teeth of the Hydra Biolich
Lesbian Bed Death Steve Cone
Melechesh Dream Theater
Crescent Shield Dezperadoz
Textures Manes
Aborted JR Ewing
Alkemyst Shining Star
I Shalt Become Bilocate
Rosetta Manilla Road
Vulture Industries Puscifer
Kreator Embalming Theatre
Son of Eric Faded Hope
Eighteen Wheels Burning Sotajumala
Caliban Raven