Eric's 2012 Halloween Playlist!
10/31/2012 3:05:27 PM by Eric

If you wanted something a little different while you're enjoying the night of spooks...

--"Tea For Three Plus One" – Woman In Black Original Soundtrack
--"The End" – 28 Days Later Soundtrack
--"Intro And Main Title" – Phantasm Soundtrack
--"Main Title" – Children Of The Corn Soundtrack
--"Main Title" – Halloween H2O Soundtrack
--"Jesus It’s Everywhere" – Dawn Of The Dead Soundtrack
--"Profondo Rosso" – Deep Red Soundtrack
--"The Graves" – Stephen King’s It"
--"Last Man On Earth" – Alice Cooper
--"Harvest Moon" – Blue Oyster Cult

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HammerFall LA Guns
Opeth Sinner
The Great Deceiver The Haunted
Vicious Mary Chaingunn
BloodDuster Mondo Generator
Rebellion Stratovarius
December Commit Suicide
Dirty Power Seven Witches
Queensryche Vaginal Carnage
Mortician Liege Lord
Wizard Powergod
Vyndykator Johnny Lokke
Ion Vein Tungsten
Saint SelfInflicted
Godiva Fireball Ministry
Savatage Vhaldemar
Silent Scythe Whitesnake
Brides of Destruction Iron Savior
Fairyland Fear Factory
Construcdead Exodus
Freakhouse Leash Law
Madison Paige Bleeding Inc
Epica Icon And The Black Roses
Low Earth Orbit Zaius
Judas Priest Cyst
Therion Skeletonwitch
Saxon Dark Age
Lullacry Otep
Eternal Flight Scavenger
Jamie. St. James Silent Force
Made of Iron Kinetic
Scenteria Emerald Sun
Helgrind Dirt
Astral Doors Vicious Circle
Desire Black Angtoria
Ravensthorn Severe Torture
Alex Skolnick Trio Bruce Dickinson
Frantic Bleep Magica
Strapping Young Lad Sinisthra
Grand Magus Impiety
Throes of Dawn Ivory Knight
Groundcrew Defleshed
Naglfar God Among Insects
Communic Ektomorf
Slik Helvetika Gemini 5
Alice Cooper Love Forsaken
Agents Of The Sun Scar Symmetry
Nuclear Assault V:28
Pagan's Mind Evergrey
Overloaded Casus Belli
Third Degree Avenged Sevenfold
The Absence Damnation
Overmars Ram-Zet
Vile Urizen
Zero Down Detonation
Motorhead Dismember
Grimfist Enforsaken
Naked Beggars Katatonia
Poison Steep
Tris Katone Clawfinger
Silver Dirt Warrant (Amer)
Ampast Athanator
Down Factor Nicodemus
The Strongest Proof Royal Hunt
Spawn of Possession Fragments of Unbecoming
Space Odyssey Amon Amarth
Battle Bratt Oblomov
Biolich The Showdown
Lecherous Nocturne Quest of Aidance
Steve Cone Onslaught
The Chronicles of Israfel Merciless Death
Dezperadoz White Wizzard
Satariel Pantera
Textures Wuthering Heights
Blut Aus Nord I Shalt Become
Bullet For My Valentine Mar De Grises
Coffins Wolfgate
Something Beautiful Mustasch
Crown The Lost Dark Castle
Earthen Grave