Special Column: Heavy Metal As Scapegoat
11/9/2012 3:04:55 PM by Greg Watson

For as long as music and heinous acts of humanity have been around, the two have seemingly been entwined in a bitter union of blame. Musicians have been implicated for years in deaths, murders, suicides and ritual killings. What I would like to do is look at this phenomenon and some of the reasons why the blame falls on music, metal in particular, and the way people attack the music for its lyrical content and subject matter. I will try my best to limit the opinions to a minimum but inevitably some will creep into the piece so please understand that I am not saying that this is the final word, just how I feel. That being said, let us take a look at this interesting phenomenon...

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Vehemence Grave
Vicious Mary Karaboudjan
Mondo Generator Usurper
Fozzy Sick Speed
Manowar Carnal Forge
Circle of Nero Agony Divine
Chainsnap Artension
Rage King Diamond
Thunderstone Halloween
Probot Deivos
Soul Reaper Fairyland
Fear Factory Force Of Evil
I Hate Sally Construcdead
Madison Paige Low Earth Orbit
Marillion Iron Angel
Hatework Spiral Madness
De Lirium's Order Goatsnake
Saxon Occult
Aina Tearabyte
Theocracy Scavenger
Z02 Necrodemon
Neurosis The 7 Method
Rush Betrayer
Legion Of Infinity
Requiem Aeternam Veni Domine
Wolverine Darkthrone
Cemetary Antares
Kaamos God Fear None
Axis Of Perdition Frantic Bleep
Neil Turbin Hatesphere
Mirador Brand New Sin
Darkane Goddess Of Desire
Prowler Inc. Leaves Eyes
Wetwork Scar Symmetry
Lake Of Tears Violent Storm
The Firstborn Paths Of Possession
Bronx Casket Company Detonation
Witchery Event Horizon
Valhalla Silver Dirt
Warrant (Amer) Candlemass
Bludgeon Stormcrow
Apiary Ensoph
Before Silence Psycroptic
Skid Row Burialmound
Zero Hour Obtest
Extium Deicide
Celtic Frost Steve Cone
Centinex Madking Ludwig
Crescent Shield Zyklon
Dezperadoz Mendeed
Trouble Pantera
Tears Throneum
JR Ewing Diamond Dogs
Spheric Universe Experience Heresi
Ost Est Ima Father Befouled
Aetherius Obscuritas Witchfinder General
Straight Line Stitch To-Mera
Armory Celestia
Wolfgate Nasty Idols
Sotajumala Caliban
Giant Squid Suffocation