Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll: Maximum Metal's Guide Through Sweden's "Stockholm Strip"
12/17/2012 4:56:24 PM by Frank

"Stockholm is the new Sunset Strip!" --attributed to Chris Laney of Zan Clan.

It's no secret that Sweden has been vigorously grinding the hard rock wheel. A quarter of a century has passed since Southern California ruled the glam/sleeze scene of late 80s hair metal. Since then the Sunset Strip movement has been transplanted and the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll has come back to claim a new generation. At this point, casual listeners and even hardcore fans like us are starting to become confused. Every week a new band surfaces and at this point it can become very dense foliage in search for that ripe banana. We wanted to take you all on a guided tour of some of our favorite bands to look for on Sweden's "Stockholm Strip".

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Anvil The Kovenant
Loudness Steel Prophet
Children Of Bodom Dokken
Goatwhore December
Helloween Queensryche
Usurper Ring of Fire
Advent Iron Maiden
Dark Moor Legend
Firewind Wizard
Power of Omens H.I.M.
The Chainsaw Exawatt
SelfInflicted Godiva
Kilfast Malstrom
Pink Cream 69 Whitesnake
DevilDriver Wicked Sensation
Out of the Lair Iron Savior
Doro Neverland
Fear Factory Force Of Evil
TNA Black Stone Cherry
Devil To Pay Metalium
Velvet Revolver Dimmu Borgir
Feinstein Goatsnake
Joey Belladonna Potential Threat SF
Theocracy Anger
Seventh One Twisted Sister
John Oliva's Pain Bloody Sign
Emerald Sun Helgrind
Image Entombed
Belef Veni Domine
Necrophagia Labyrinth
Strikelight Hellfire
Angtoria Freedom Call
Novembers Doom Omegalord
Soul SirkUS Strapping Young Lad
Burden Of Grief God Among Insects
Darkane Slough Feg
Kult ov Azazel Circus Maximus
Voyager Secrets She Kept
Leaves Eyes Sebastian Bach
The Father Panic Riot Orchestra Killing Spree
Frameless Scar Alice Cooper
Impaled Nazarene Holy Blood
Clutch A Lower Deep
Future is Tomorrow Peccatum
V:28 Orphaned Land
Dirty Americans Blood Thirsty Demons
Overloaded Ignarus
Barcode Mabon
Thrones Dechrist
Crystal Ball Cryogen
Overmars Asrai
Hate Decapitated
Taunusheim Pile of Heads
Second Shadow Thryfing
286 Firehouse
Tris Katone Moonspell
Vore Manngard
Pyramaze Ampast
Cavalar Hate Profile
Jotunspor Smohalla
Paul Bonrud Woodtemple
Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers Setherial
Zoroaster Teeth of the Hydra
Twinball Sathanas
Winger With Passion
Terry Sullivan Throne of Katarsis
Old Man's Child Cruachan
Grenouer Marc Sasso
Pantera Divine Empire
Tears Warner Drive
Trenchfoot Kruger
The Wonderfools Funeral
Fight Keldian
Pathosray Diamond Dogs
Spheric Universe Experience Distorted
Dantesco Orthodox
I Shalt Become Bilocate
Ost Est Ima Last Stone Cast
Burzum SOS
Armory Godhead
Bullet For My Valentine Celestia
Sister Sin Earthen Grave