Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll: Maximum Metal's Guide Through Sweden's "Stockholm Strip"
12/17/2012 4:56:24 PM by Frank

"Stockholm is the new Sunset Strip!" --attributed to Chris Laney of Zan Clan.

It's no secret that Sweden has been vigorously grinding the hard rock wheel. A quarter of a century has passed since Southern California ruled the glam/sleeze scene of late 80s hair metal. Since then the Sunset Strip movement has been transplanted and the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll has come back to claim a new generation. At this point, casual listeners and even hardcore fans like us are starting to become confused. Every week a new band surfaces and at this point it can become very dense foliage in search for that ripe banana. We wanted to take you all on a guided tour of some of our favorite bands to look for on Sweden's "Stockholm Strip".

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Anvil In Flames
Into Eternity Loudness
Children Of Bodom Twilight Odyssey
Rebellion Grave Digger
Deceased December
Commit Suicide Circle II Circle
Dark Moor Crematorium
Manowar Metallica
Supervillain Black Sabbath
Catch 22 Biomechanical
Morbid Angel Runemagick
Dream Weaver Rob Rock
Duke Tad Morose
Thunderstone Stalker
Attacker Pharaoh
Wicked Sensation Yngwie Malmsteen
Celesty Scala Mercalli
Messiah's Kiss Madison Paige
Kingcrow Amityville Whore
Gamma Ray Highlord
Dimmu Borgir Devil In The Kitchen
Ungodly Goatsnake
After Forever Rhapsody of Fire
Dark Age Internal Bleeding
Slowlife Neurosis
Silent Force Negative Creeps
Karmakanic Milkweed
Paradise Lost Bloody Sign
Entombed Necrophagia
Suidakra Carbomb
Axis Of Perdition Kryoburn
Fastkill Shade Empire
Nightrage Ivory Knight
Python Dark Funeral
Circus Maximus Gemini 5
Impaled Nazarene Loits
Mercyful Fate Pagan's Mind
Before The Dawn Savage Circus
Ewigkeit Thrones
Dechrist Doomfoxx
Wolfmother Asrai
Chain Collector Sinocence
Motorhead Hate
Machina Mental Care Foundation
Blackmore's Night Fields Of The Nephilim
The Berzerker Firehouse
Elvenking Hate Profile
Stormcrow Cult of Luna
Vengeance Space Odyssey
She Said Destroy Paul Bonrud
Psycroptic I
Hurt Semargl
Lupara Obtest
Panzerchrist Urkraft
Blood Tsunami Melechesh
Fu Manchu Hardcore Superstar
Battered Omnium Gatherum
Throne of Katarsis In This Moment
Warbringer Necrophobic
Madking Ludwig Nagelfar
Five Finger Death Punch Glorior Belli
Sworn Enemy Pathosray
Demonic Symphony To-Mera
Equilibrium Coffins