Staff Year End Awards for 2012!
1/4/2013 2:14:24 PM by Frank

Our yearly roundup of Favorites, Worsts, and whatever category we feel like making up!

You might not agree with our choices, but we're getting the names of bands out there and that's a good thing. If you see something you liked for one guy's picks, check out his others and keep supporting hard rock and metal into the new year!

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· Cathedral· In Flames
· Loudness· Sinner
· Poisonblack· Rebellion
· December· Symphorce
· Majesty· Ring of Fire
· Vaginal Carnage· Widowmaker
· Power of Omens· Conquest
· Circle of Nero· Ion Vein
· Nicta· Sevendust
· Rage· Victory
· King Diamond· Savatage
· Pink Cream 69· Pharaoh
· Probot· Force Of Evil
· TNA· Superchrist
· Gothic Knights· Celesty
· UFO· Graveland
· Amityville Whore· Van Helsing’s Curse
· Metalium· Iron Angel
· Scorpions· Lilitu
· Dream Evil· Occult
· Six Feet Under· Within Temptation
· Agnostic Front· Avenue F
· Napalm Death· Fifth Cross
· Legion· Milkweed
· Motley Crue· Gods Of Fire
· Hellfueled· Carina Alfie
· Ravensthorn· Chuck Schuldiner
· Stormwarrior· Bruce Dickinson
· Debris Inc.· System Of A Down
· Neil Turbin· Ramesses
· Fastkill· Babylon
· Defleshed· Maximum Overdrive
· Clutch· Evergrey
· Dirty Americans· Bolt Thrower
· Sun O)))· Thrones
· Asrai· Mastermind
· Early Man· Witchery
· Naked Beggars· Katatonia
· Cardinale· Daylight Dies
· Dissection· Valhalla
· Athanator· Nicodemus
· Upon Infliction· Cult of Luna
· Fragments of Unbecoming· Gorgoroth
· Vengeance· Azure
· The Ruins of Beverast· Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
· Cult of Daath· Lesbian Bed Death
· Panzerchrist· Twisted Into Form
· Stonegard· Hardcore Superstar
· Threat Signal· Throne of Katarsis
· Dream Theater· Incrave
· Marc Sasso· Chrome Division
· Hacride· Pentacle
· Antigama· Lipstick Magazine
· JR Ewing· Nation Beyond
· Destynation· Mongrel
· Gutted With Broken Glass· Demonic Symphony
· To-Mera· Equilibrium
· Alestorm· Faded Hope
· Suspyre· Suffocation
· Dark Castle