Staff Year End Awards for 2012!
1/4/2013 2:14:24 PM by Frank

Our yearly roundup of Favorites, Worsts, and whatever category we feel like making up!

You might not agree with our choices, but we're getting the names of bands out there and that's a good thing. If you see something you liked for one guy's picks, check out his others and keep supporting hard rock and metal into the new year!

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Leng Tch'e Racer X
BloodDuster Misery Index
Poisonblack Tiamat
Warhorse Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Sickspeed Crematorium
God Dethroned Power of Omens
Alchemy X Johnny Lokke
Shakra Paragon
Mourning Beloveth Rob Rock
Nordheim Guardians Of Time
Duke Murdercycle
Krisiun Soul Reaper
Doro Volbeat
Force Of Evil Death Angel
Silver Mountain Killik
Celesty Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Evanescence UFO
Lonewolf Joe Stump
Fireaxe Saxon
Rhapsody of Fire Dio
Occult Theocracy
Necrodemon Jungle Rot
Jamie. St. James Neurosis
Within Temptation Negative Creeps
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Legion
Rottweiller Entombed
Kings X Hibria
Angtoria Ravensthorn
John Sykes Kinrick
Rudra Vicious Art
Testament Kult ov Azazel
Dynamic Lights Gemini 5
Dam Clutch
Agents Of The Sun Black Majesty
Bolt Thrower Twilight
Ghost Machinery Balatonizer
Dechrist Spellbound
Overmars Infliction
Motorhead From This Day
Mental Care Foundation 286
Beyond Fear Boris
Event Horizon Leviathan/Sapthuran
Valhalla Dream Or Nightmare
Theater of Tragedy Jotunspor
Vengeance Skyforger
Death Breath Pump
Battle Bratt Satyricon
Mindgrinder Crescent Shield
Mendeed Trouble
Passion Spit Like This
Since the Day Wuthering Heights
Mongrel Night Ranger
I Shalt Become Gutted With Broken Glass
Straight Line Stitch To-Mera
Puscifer Armory
Souls Of We Medieval Steel
Mar De Grises Bible Of The Devil
The More I See End of Man
Sin UFOmammut
Mustasch Suspyre